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In Dayton what's up Gary How are? You, great you. Good they looked and I agree that vodka really shouldn't be in. There but you, know I think he'd been playing with a. Problem even the knee is slugging. Percentage one hundred fifty coins this year when I never. Swing he's always been very short for the. Ball he doesn't have his. Way he's slinging literally all arms and he doesn't have any drive on hasn't really for the entire. Season I hope he comes back next. Year the worst thing that can happen is all of a sudden turns in the Mark, race Won't be a problem. A quick quick analogy on the reg. Pitchy if you've got a second please yeah wait on me I find it absolutely galling The red management continues to roll out non prospect, in the starting rotation, it's almost like they train Chris Chris Welsh. The read office cue-card about how they're all gonna live through the bumps, and. Bruises, believe it or. Not outside of red. Land Drafting develop pitchers that come up and our competitive and half solid years, and they do really well let me finish In the entire history of the, read? The dates back to well the oldest franchises in the history of the. Sport I believe in eighteen. Eighty nine correct Before the, draft The first draft roughly one hundred years of. The franchise history the reg never scouted signed and developed a picture that went on to become a hall. Of Famer inch the draft in. The mid sixties they have never drafted and developed a pitcher that went on to go the, hall of, fame I, believe break gut. String pop Deavere I find that to be not. Just a coincidence I feel as though if this club had any chance at any kind of long term success they literally need, to bring out bring in literally some sort of outside Influence the completely pools every single thing that we've ever done to develop pictures says okay, we're just going to do it completely How to draft and develop. Pitchers even down I mean look I'm not. Even looking for I'm not even looking for. Hall of famers when I go back thank you so much for the phone. Call I was built back to nineteen seventy five they've drafted and developed. To, two and, not even draft signed. And developed to, I will go Mario Soto and Johnny Cueto to bona fide number, ones now Murray sodas reds hall of Famer he's never gonna come close to Cooperstown, and I don't think Johnny Cueto is either but. I think you would call those two guys bona fide staff aces. And yes, they've developed, other serviceable and sometimes very good pictures Tom, Browning would certainly lead to the to the. Top of mind but yeah I mean the overall point remains in and to me it's when the reds let go Bryan price I thought one of the more interesting things that we really didn't talk about. Was that they also let go Mack Jenkins who had been such a a mainstay, in the organization for such a long time it'd been. A big part of the the overall pitching philosophy that was, set, forth and I just wonder how much Of that. Was a, you, know given Brian prices background. Given Matt Jenkins background and given where the team was and how. His story bad the starting pitching was at. The beginning of the year how much of. That signified all right we're going to go back to the drawing board when. It comes to to starting pitchers because you're right now with a lot. Of, young pitchers, the the growing pains. That are kind, of built in at the same time it feels like here those, growing pains last a very long time longer so than other organizations and I think, one of the goals has to be especially with. There being such a such a premium on on young cheap controllable. Talents not, just getting, these guys to the big leagues but but, getting them here to the point where they. Hit the ground running get them here to the point where they're instantly ready to contribute get them here to the point where they are almost instantly ready to get it and go now that's not going. To happen with everybody but again for a team that's never gonna spend a huge, amount of dollars on on on Free agent pitchers you, would think there'd be a bigger premium on getting guys not just to the, big leagues but in years one two and three when guys aren't, making that much money get them to a point where they're ready to stay in a rotation. Get him to a point where they're ready. To to be a part of a bona fide legitimately good major league rotation and unfortunately here That just hasn't happened the Joey Votto thing look by his standards it's. Not a good year is he swinging all arms look he doesn't look the. Same and I've watched I'll? Go eighty five percent of. Joey vodkas at bats threat. Is major league career I know what he looks like. When he's comfortable I know what he looks like when that when, he has, his timing down I. Nobody looks like when when, when his his swing is where it needs to be and I've seen that for the overwhelming majority of, his reds career this year just? Layman's is I, e he just. Doesn't look, comfortable how much of that is you know what those legs could use a periodic rest the Joe is reluctant to take how much of that, is just you know a bad off season how much of, that is you know the league, making an adjustment tool, that he really hasn't been able to to make this, year how much of that is age I don't know but it's true, and it's I think the the thing that I would hate this year's of if Joey continues to kinda give around and. The numbers really Plummet let's not just a tribute this season to the injury in. The final six seven weeks of the year let's look back on the entire. Season and hopefully Joey can? Can spend this off season. Figuring out a way to. Get back to what it used to be but I. Think the the more important thing for the reds is build a, team that's, that's capable of withstanding. Joey Votto goes inevitable regression, Joey's had a remarkable six seven eight year peak stretch right that I think is going to be good, enough to put him in Cooperstown? Build a team, that's good enough. To absorb, what might be starting to happen with Joey Votto where he's still good he's just not a lead anymore are we very yet I'm gonna stop short of saying that put the numbers don't lie by his standards. The numbers aren't close to as good as they have been they're not awful by any stretch so can you. Figure out a way to build a team that's good, enough, around Joey Votto that he's certainly still contributes to put his insulated against what may happen now that he's approaching thirty five. Years old were you do need a little bit more often where it takes a little bit longer. To recover from injuries were injuries. Do occur more often Think it's going to be really worth paying. Attention to and I certainly think it's something the reds in. Their collective brainchild they're going to..

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