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Once you've paid the tax. And i think the phrase that he used to the extent that it was a stepping stone rather than the end goal based on those financial circumstances but like i mean for black-tie point of view. If i had a mayor that i was looking to try and get placed by not in any way on estimate that there isn't quality in the german race. Bandon means i'm looking to try to get in an irish group on our german groupon. Something you'd certainly look. And i think even jessica harrington last traded as by sites please and the german okay since she was four mark johnson. Hey over there as well so you know it's something. I absolutely love international competition. I think it's fantastic far east the better but there must be the challenges whether it be prize money tax etcetera. This seemed to be getting in the way some edged exit as well. Sorry going chris i was just gonna say i know that hugo palmer wanted to run one in the german guineas awhile back and i think william haggas had a horse that had sort of race marked out from germany but both decided against it because at that stage of the season with regulations in germany was basically made fairly clear that runs for britain. Were not welcome unless you were prepared to go through all sorts of folks that that just made it unattractive. I essentially had to hand over the horse at kelly. A neither of those market trainers were prepared to do that but but evidently you know things must have been smoothed over Implying crop and over thought it was a one of those uncompromising rates luke morris. He's basically closed the door on the german favourite quater tasso After the turn for home and that's decisive because that one has come home real strong second-place but it is too late and there was gone. And i'm so looks not your steve costing kind of Smooth burlesque style of jockey but Got the job done that day. He did a pardon me the way that groups of priests boom boom was on sunday. The rights to always talking about is on. Saturday or was on. Saturday is the saratoga dhabi. Of course it was won by state of rest ugly a maiden win amok but he netted a fabulous money on alaska's to beat functionally ballet like cool contingent. What did you make of his performance. Jesus vote performance. Wasn't like i couldn't see common oral and tom collins very sweet and have to give a lot of credit to him because this was a fair price and he was very very confident in this until it so hats off to him and again as as macaulay. Brian cheer pointed in today's paper joseph. Brian is absolutely no flies on him when it comes to international campaign and you know what we saw with byron. Somebody who. I remember believe actually got beat at more american. The sixty s. I don't think he's looked back since you know absolutely Watched him with with gritted teeth but would have for what he's done since you know. He had a vitamin race belmont. And he landed another one Nights of the same card and he goes over again with this. We know exploits in australia as well. You know he. He successfully francis wells up good prize money in. Oh he's he's just highly finger on the pulse here teams when it comes to to pick out these these targets in identifying the right sort of horses that you can travel. 'cause it doesn't suit all on our obviously this was the second after a pretty decent break and you know his juvenile pharmacy. Season might have been totally while but there were instead he could be quite good But did i this absolutely nash. I was already writing. I think budgetary by Ultimately distorted track a little bit sharper debenham. On last time over. My accent might want to think it was. That just might be a chance for him. I think they tried to be aggressive on him. In the sense they weren't gonna says get trapped in a pocket. And i can appreciate dash but you know i think it just might have caught a most laid on. I think he'd be more comfortable stepping back. Open ship a maybe on a more state attract over here. Let's say a car or something like that or a leper stone and we're might be disappointed with cadillac too. I thought he thought he would run better. I thought that was a sort of race. He chew up bettering. Possibly he might bounce. You never know opposite international tax. The car that was coming off the back of what two hundred and forty days off. So am i give him another chance. Potentially but was disappointed at face value cadillac k. Thanks very much mark now. This podcast very international flavor. Hasn't and that's gonna continue. Because this week's i liked is the pre of fresnay before inject on sunday. Let's talk about not including palace pair after this. Be sure to watch racing. Post live with fair for racing reaction. Tips and discussion live every saturday afternoon. On the racing. Post youtube channel came. Let's delve into another woman. And i've in fronts on sunday. We have the lme Invasion this time but very kindly at mocking. Chris praised Previous nation the whole sit surrounds usually well last year. Anyway was palace paige on. He looks set to going again for john. Anthony gosden interesting is engaged. We're not sure exactly he's gonna Feed perhaps could go else web out on Politics flagstones every doubts. Maybe he's gonna turn appear again mother us for a neighbor on the progress job when it could turn out relatively quickly as well. This could happen interesting. Shake to chris. Is it bad to save it. All hinges on palace wafi made of his performance decipher all this season. First of all you want to see who turns up. I mean there's a long list of big names there. I think you know. Forget even like a third of them. It's going be a fine race. Yeah palace pier keep impressive. You'd have to say you know case with the lock enj- lady both open second place at that point you'd be going well with she do for the form but you know now. She's a group one winner in her own right and then he's gone on followed up in the queen only been beaten the one time and that was in desperate ground. And i don't think it's going to be desperate. Grind looking forecasts. For deauville in the next few days. I think the rain today but but not huge nights and then it's going to be so can holiday making weather for the next six days so Yeah i'd say that you probably looking at good maybe even good to firm By the time we get to sunday. That's that's gonna be right palace peers. Cup of tea but You know last five runnings of this race has been won by three year olds and it's a good time of year three with weight-for-age that they get. I think you have to be pretty interested in any from the classic the generation that take up to take him on The one that's up front of my mind after. Says larry look jim voters or run another big race at goodwood dryer surface. Here it'd be.

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