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Your GOP It's 7 35 Staying in is looking like a pretty good option today, But if you have to leave the house, you should be ready for a lot of snow on the roads. It is picture perfect out here in Vienna and some of the neighborhoods, But that means it can also be a bit of a hazard. Many of the side streets haven't been treated chain Bridge Road is more of a wet, wintry mix. Not much of the snow is sticking as crews make their rounds, keeping things clear. If you do need to head out, be sure to check our website for the latest on what's going on across the region. W t o p dot com In Vienna. Melissa how old the beauty opinion is sliding down. Capitol Hill has long been a wintertime tradition here, but it won't be allowed for this storm. Capitol Police had a current security posture coronavirus in the ongoing deconstruction of the inaugural platform are all reasons why there won't be sledding allowed on the West Lawn of the U. S. Capitol. It's a popular place for sledding when it snows. But in the past Capitol Police have kicked kids off, saying the grounds can't be used as a playground, prompting D c delegate Eleanor Holmes. Was Norton to plead for people to have a heart a kid's heart this time While there won't be any sledding in this storm, police say they do look forward to welcoming sledding back in the future. John Doman w T o p new traffic and weather Next on w T O P. And then we'll tell you about the employees who are refusing to get a corona virus vaccine. This will surprise you. It's 7 37. Way made us a insurance for veterans like Liz and Mike and Army family who's always at the ready. Someone listens. Ultrasound showed twins total two babies. They.

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