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Testing Does that Mean you need to use a e Simin. I racing and all that stuff a little more. Yeah you have to pay attention more to your resources You know we've got great great Great Cup drivers. We got some good. I think externally drivers came over. And we've got a Toyota simulator. Which is phenomenal. Wait we wear that thing out before we come to track every week we get a version of S and T. Now we get to us so all that stuff man is is very very big watching your films before you come here watching or paying attention to your notes that you wrote down from the previous races. So there's a lot of stuff you gotTa do before you come to the track to to be able to get there but I feel like our prep work showing off pretty good this year. So you hear that kids. Homework doesn't stop when once you become a big time. Racecar driver right. That's it man. That's nothing to find for it. You know you think you're GONNA be able to climb on these things and it's going to be a piece of cake but there's a lot of stuff you want to be great these these simulators. I mean ten fifteen years ago. It used to be a cool game. You played now. It's actually a useful tool Yeah it's it's it's beyond my head at this point now because of what drives them and what what it takes to operate one. There's a lot of moving parts but they're hopeful that Pretty big but I you know. I think that I think it's helpful. And you know one of the things that you see some of the even the cub drivers now you know Williams is a big spokesman for I racing and that's one of the things that kids at home can do before maybe started wanting to become racers and that might drive them to WanNa become racers one eight and it's helping them out to. That's pretty cool. I talked to William just recently today and he actually owns a Assem team. Now it's crazy it's becoming business actually had a friend from a long time ago and I was big into the erasing. He's actually on Williams team now almost one their their daytona ratio. Pretty cool man to to be able to see what it takes to be an eraser. It's it's pretty cool. Those guys recruit cheese on themselves are making their own setups and all that stuff is great. I mean that's teaching you a bunch of different stuff that That you never got before you see yourself. Maybe after he retired. Maybe doing that fulltime. I don't think so man I I have. I have a a life after this. I Love I love doing military work and working with those guys and In with a with a few contracts that civilian contracts that kind of helped train some of our guys and provide live fire and live drills for them so. I think I was ever to to be done with this. Maybe switch over to that side of things and have fun with them. But I'm in it right now to try to get to the cup level in this in this sport. That's where I WANNA be. You know at point my life at someday so like you said doing all your homework doing all the right things. Just trying to lead up to that point I saw the The super pace cars right outside here. They look amazing. Have you had a chance to drive one of those we? We've done a lot of work with Toyota on them. A lot of really cool car really sporty car we just released a couple of different ones in Daytona and we released the GP four race version. Then so pretty. Cool stuff man. That car is really looking nice. What do you drive personally? I drive a forerunner personally. I I've got a brand new twenty. Twenty T R D awesome awesome machine army. Greens fits me pretty well. But it's a fun run around car for sure you into mods at all on it. I I don't I haven't got the the what's okay from Toyota on it so they actually provided me with the car. I was fortunate enough to pick it out and find what I wanted. So that was pretty cool but I I haven't done much to it actually as a couple of upgrades from tr on their pro level of things. There's a couple of winding and stuff that I wanted to at least tinted. Yeah exactly I WANNA get some cool The big cool military stars or something to put in the back windows and stuff. I think that would be pretty cool as on your twitter account here. You've been given away sunglasses. That's kind of cool. Yeah this is second year now teaming up with Wiley ex and That that's A. That's a fun partnership with those guys and you see all the people that are on while the eggs and It's it's all quality drivers all some of the best of the best So to kind of named that list. That's something to be proud of like and you give away a lot. So there's good good odds absolutely. I mean if you if you follow pages brand Jones Racing Brynjar. Ac twitter all that good stuff you never know what pops up. You're going to get a hat giveaway. Sunglasses all kinds of cool stuff Preseason you guys do a lot of photo shoots and video stuff for TV and is that something you never thought you'd be doing When you said Hey I want to be a race car driver. That's the stuff they leave out. That's for sure but Per production is huge. In the off season I mean we're making new content for our sponsors. That are coming up. You know stuff that Fox and NBC is doing so all that good stuff is what's going on behind the scenes and some of it's really cool. I think that the the production things that they come up with are pretty impressive. Sometimes they make you do some weird stuff you ever think. Hey what is that going to be and then on TV and like Oh. That's kind of cool all the time. there's a couple of shoots that I've done on my man. There's no way that this is going to turn out and sure enough man you see it you know. They put it all together. Smokes that actually? That actually was pretty pretty awesome. So yeah there's there's been multiple times that I've said that obviously safety a big topic recently in Nascar. It's incredible. Is there anything you could see yourself adding or seeing them? Add to a production car that you and I drive on the streets. That NASCAR hasn't it. It should have a man. That's doll I don't know I don't know what the right answer. That is DR driving big trucks. I guess everybody would be okay but No Man it's it's impressive to see what what we've been able to accomplish. I mean from you. Know from from having avenue casualties in the sport now having a wreck like that and walking away out of it within days I mean. That's that's impressive recently. I've I've switched everything. I owned a carbon in the car.

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