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Only the negga right now he's going to look at world national news headlines for them in and wants to deuce washington dc president trump's oldest son donald trump jr appears to welcome damaging information about hillary clinton from a russian government source during last year's campaign that is according to email transcripts that trump jr posted on twitter after the new york times reported that a british music publicist had encouraged him to meet with the russian lawyer last year previously administration ministration officials members of the campaign has not only that they didn't meet with any russians or anyone related to your with ties to the kremlin but also idea that russia was interfering in the campaign to try and help them to thumbing that was a witch hunts bloomberg white house reporter shannon petty peace white house spokeswoman sarah sanders read a statement from president trump today praising his son i transparency senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is keeping his chamber open an extra two weeks next month bloomberg's erv chapman explains why and colonel acted after ten republican senators sent him a letter suggesting the delay senator david purdue of georgia took the lead they have the debt ceiling to get through the budget for two thousand eighteen in the appropriation process to fund the government before september thirty of senator john kennedy of louisiana now anybody he who thinks we can get all of that done by the end of the year that's just a testament to the power of human denial tentative steve danes of montana if you're going to school and you were getting failing grades you'd better stay in school not take a recess latest version of obamacare repeal will be unveiled on thursday herve chapman bloomberg radio.

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