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How many of you are health and fitness trainers and you tell your clients listen you need exercise that you love because the exercise that you love is the exercise that you're actually going to do if you don't find exercise that you love you're probably not going to show up it's the same thing with your business if you don't have fun in your business or infused that a little bit each day you're probably not gonna wanna show up to work and if your boss was an asshole and didn't allow you to have fun once in a while you wouldn't wanna show up to work we'll guess what you're your own boss now so you need to infuse that you create the company culture and if it's just you then hey you create that and that's really really important that we take place seriously and that's what this is all about the numberone triggers innovation creativity imaginative and new perspectives i want all of those things who wants all of those things who wants all of those things so many times we've been come to me and say i'm not creative i don't know what to create i don't know what to say on video i don't know i don't know we do know we do know you wouldn't be called as you this if you did not no no and you'll get more ideas if you stop staring at the computer screen women always asking where do you come up with your content how are you greeting so much condon literally get that question like what do you mean i'm not sitting there like on my computer i get those ideas usually when i'm out on a walk and i just feel inspired i'm just living life i'm meeting people that conversation was interesting i'm going to share that or oh that colonic experience taught me something i'm gonna share that that's where it comes from because i'm constantly the student who just having fun and i want more people to to play with that and see how that actually affects your your content and your creation and you as a coach and as a leader right like the most powerful leaders are not the most serious people always they're the people who are like all right let me just bring that that lightness to this community how many of you guys are leaders listening to this how many of you.

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