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I cannot force you to implement the prescription just like my doctor. He goes Steve. Did you do what I asked you to do they go. We change the subject look a bird. Word that it did not work. I'm still not slam up still not buff. But you know. Someday, I'm working on it really working on it. But you know, same it. So it is with your finances guys. If you want to buy a house, and you're not ready you follow the prescription. I right for you. And we will get you ready and you've worked with people over half a dozen years to get them on track to get ready to buy a home. It is so exciting for the mortgage doctor to see somebody that actually implements the plan rates because those are people that are serious about buying a house, and you know, worst case scenario, let's assume that worst case scenario got ugly credit, and you need to file bankruptcy. That's okay. Because two years after your bankruptcy is discharged in most cases. We can get you home. Only two years. He'll years. Some will tell you ten years dozen years. Maybe never up some never exactly right. You know? And if you've lost your home to foreclosure, the magic number is three three years after a foreclosure, you can get a new exactly right. So guys. I mean, you just got to give me a call because let's say that you've had a foreclosure will three years is not an eternity. It's not even a decade. How many is not even half a decade? You can almost hold your breath for three years. How many people do you work with Steve that are lost their homes in two thousand eight that crash that are still what eleven years past still not in their own home because they think they can't get another one lots of people, and it's so sad. Because a lot of clients have been renting for years, not realizing that they can own a home. Let's hope guys, you know, if if you're a net boat, if you've got any questions, I'm just an average guy like everybody else K trust me. Okay. I drove an old beat up SUV just got rid of the one that had three of the four fenders on it. Okay. This one actually has all the fenders, but it has held damage all over it. Okay. Those you'll live in southern Colorado. You know, what I'm talking to you understand the K. My my hobbies are hunting and fishing and working with the boy scouts, and I'm just an average guy. But you're going to see that we're going to just have a nice conversation about who you are where you're at. Where are we gonna have? We're going to take you to get you to where you want to be. And you know, Martin I find most people they're just afraid to make that first phone call. There's no reason to be afraid guys. But let me tell you. I am not gonna make fun of you. Because I've been there. Anybody listening to midday to meet today been there with your credit? Yeah. Yeah. I think we all anybody ever got laid off by surprise. Oh, yeah. Yes. Head this head this classic case. Add this guy. He's got two or three doctorate degrees. He's in the aerospace business, he's making over two hundred thousand dollars a year, by the way, I wanna snuggle up next to him and say, can I be your friend? Would you adopt may? So he had he was rolling, man. He had you know, he was carrying a lot of debt seventy eighty thousand dollars a year in debt, so ks got lots of money his boss came to him. And he said we'll calling Bob Bob. I got good news bad news. Okay. So what do you want first? Bob says we'll give you the good news. So his boss says you get to keep your job. Now, Bob goes. All right. What's the bad news? And his boss says we cut your pay by two thirds two third. Oh government contract. They lost the contract. They had to be competitive. You know, he was really overpaid for what he did in his life. Suddenly went upside down. No doubt. Yeah. So, you know, and so he called me up. He's a friend of mine. He called me up said, what do we do? We did a refinance for him. We paid off all of his debts at least say something like eighteen hundred dollars a month. That was an incredible amount of money paid off all of his debts and got him house payment that he could afford. But those kinds of.

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