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The ticket with wings falling fortitude of the kings in their first road game of the regular season. Anthony mantha and Dylan Larkin both scored goals for the wings. Next up Detroit plays tonight at Anaheim over now to the lions at Ford field versus the Packers yesterday. Wide receiver. Was the backup there? Thanks to. Fox's Matthew Stafford threw two touchdown passes. And legare Blount ran for two scores lifting the lions to a thirty one to twenty three win over Green Bay Detroit. Now a two and three on the season earned the win desperately needed under. I first year coach Matt Patricia going into the bye week. You talked to Detroit Lions dot com after the win. Obviously, the division games. Are you know, they're huge. It's always good win going into the bye. Usually makes everybody in the building a little bit happier. But yeah, we just gotta we got a lot to work on. You know, we've got a lot to get better on again. Like, I said, I'm just proud of our guys for competing. You know, had good mental toughness throughout the course of the game and just hung in there and kept battle until the end up next to the lines are off until playing at Miami on the twenty first over in postseason baseball. The brewers have swept themselves into the National League championship series with their second straight shutout of the Rockies as Milwaukee Homer three times last night in a six nothing. Route in Denver. Meanwhile, the Braves held off the dodgers six to five last night. Cutting their deficit in the.

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