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Old two thousand eleven robbery right during the course of these hearings there is an fbi agent who is going to testify during his testimony this is fbi agent garrick munos he alleged the sean was the target of another f b i investigation and then investigation into kidnapping human trafficking and murder munos says that quote several people had come forward and given testimony outlining shaun's involvement some of the witnesses even alleged to sean was the abductor moon ios was referring to the britney drexel case there was an eyewitness named and his name is taekwondo brown this is the inmate who wrote the letter who actually saw or claims to have seen to sean with britney drexel also claims see timothy timothy's father as well yes and according to taekwondo brown this sighting took place at what munos on the stand referred to as a quote stash house so no one lived at this location but apparently the sean and others several others had access to this place and according to the statement that they received from brown was that on april twenty ninth two thousand and nine which was the wednesday after britney disappeared according to this i wish nece he was visiting this stash house to make a payment of some sort to sean taylor shaun's father he says that when he entered the home or entered the stash house he passed through it on his way out back in passing through he said he saw britney stripped and tied to a bed beaten and she apparently was attempting to escape the weird thing here about this statement captain is brown says he's just passing through we've we've seen a lot of these type of just passing through man a lot of these type of confessions where people say hey i have some knowledge and i might be guilty of something but i'm not guilty of everything that you think i could be your that i'm willing to admit to right so brown says he's just passing through this stash house but obviously he must have taken his time or sometime if he absorbed all of that all of those observations let's say he says that he then stepped outside with sean taylor and at this time britney must have escaped and ran out of the room and then outside she was eventually caught by someone pistolwhipped and brought back inside the house sean taylor went into the house as well brown says he stayed outside where he heard two gunshots fired then he said he saw a quote wrapped up body being removed from the stash house and placed in a pickup truck i don't have any better of a description of that portion of his story than a wrapped up body being moved from the stash house and placed pickup truck mundo says secondhand information had come in support of brown's statements the f b i interviewed a prisoner at george town penitentiary that heard from another source that sean was the one who picked her up in myrtle beach right there's also some rumors that there was some eyewitnesses around town roughly about four of them now keep in mind this is this is second hand prison informant information right so so a lot of times you have to take this with a grain of salt i think but we have another person claiming to back this up so this person said that the sean had picked brittany up brought her down to mcclellan ville and quote showed her off and ended up tricking her out then there was a lot of publicity from her disappearance in so she was disposed of several witnesses have said that miss drexel's body was then placed into a gator pit to have her body disposed of eaten by the gators and whatever and i wanna go too much into that moon nose went on to say that they had several people show them locations where they thought the body was but it he went on to say that look there's possibly thirty or forty of these locations where she could be and we also had those earlier statements by the fbi investigators stating that if her romy were taken to this location or if she was taken to this location it might be tough to find any trace of her after a short of a period time is six hours mundos also alleged that at the time of this hearing tai kwon brown was serving twenty five years in prison for voluntary manslaughter obstruction of justice and possession of a weapon by felon so that's where i bring.

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