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So. Okay. What you have to tell them quick. Cly probably what he was doing. Yeah. When he was holding you up, so there was a girl that we also worked with who Carl been friends with for a long time. And I think that he, I don't know if he knew that she had for him or if he suspected she feelings for him, but either way he, I think wanted to be really careful with her with me. And so he actually went over to her house and just had a conversation with our at, hey, like what you to know, I really values a French, but I just see us as friends and apparently like she, she did have feelings for him. So they had to kind of talk through that and he wanted to just make sure that everything was like free and clear that up for for him to be able to pursue me, which is really cool thing. I have so much respect to that move I, it was so good. So he looked really shady, but what he was doing was actually at the opposite, very honorable yo. She was really good. So I love the fact that even with our husbands, the first date was sort of disaster herbal can. We're. And that's just true. Like dating in general, we have no idea what we're getting totally roll of the dice. It's awkward. It's nerve-racking is you feel you're on the spot, you're just one hundred things that can go wrong. So I think that for all of us maybe minus you so intimidating. So currently because you are so going to best because you are so good with people and charming and because you've had practice with those seven days specifically, I'm going to just pick your brain Kersey all things for state ready. I'm ready. Okay. So to start off with, in your opinion, what is the purpose of a first date like we, there's this Christian phrase it's kind of swirled around and we've talked about this in a different podcast a little bit, but like this idea that you need to date with the purpose of marriage or day intentionally. And I've heard a lot of girls. I have conversations with lots of girls who are single and dating all the time in a lot of hear them, say like, I don't see a future with him. Could this guy? My husband? I don't know. So therefore I'm not going to say yes to this date are we only supposed to be. Days with people that we could see ourselves marrying or like, what is the purpose of date? This question is simultaneously so big and complicated and so simple. So let's do the complicated bit. I should be only be going on dates with people. We see ourselves marrying how in the world are you supposed to know that. Yeah, it's a broken logic. I think that there is something to be said, yes, you should only be in relationships like real relationships with people who with the information that you have at the moment, you could see yourself being with with the information you have at the moment like you can't possibly if you know everything about a person before you wanna date than you're probably already dating the person's spoiler alert so much talking. The first is gonna be really awkward. I got anything. They tell you, you're gonna be like you have to like act the whole time navigate the land mines of all the information you already have? No, I think I think that mentality of feeling like you need to know something secret about your future with this person before you say yes to a first date. I think that's really honestly dangerous kind of scary to think about. And so I think that the purpose of dating really is impacted by your understanding of the purpose of marriage. That's really impacted by your understanding of God, which I get a super super back-row. But here's what I mean by that. If you believe that God has a very specific linear plan for your life and you believe that he has one person out there hidden away and he is the only person you can marry and dating is your only tool to find that person than dating becomes a hunt. Like I said earlier, it's stressful..

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