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In the next year or two. And I've been saying this and I know it's tough right to divorce the franchise legend. And I'm not even telling you Ben's bad. I don't think Ben is a good quarterback. Not going to say he's great. I'm not going to say is very good, but he's still a good quarterback. And a lot of things down the stretch. It's kind of unfair to knock him and criticize him because they made him throw the football 50 60 times. Lot of teams aren't going to win. Throwing the football 50 60 times, let alone when you ask at 38 39 year old quarterback to do that. However, if I'm the Steelers With the expectation not being a Super Bowl championship this year and just making the playoffs, right? I don't think you can expect anything more if you're still said even the most optimistic Steelers span in the world. And let's and I know it's tough, not the factor in health with all that we just said about the Ravens. But if the Browns generally stay healthy at their main parts, the Browns are gonna win this division. So what is the best case scenario for the Steelers? They get in the playoffs as a wild card team and maybe win one playoff game. That's not Pittsburgh Steelers football. That's not the standards of a great organization. One of those iconic franchises in Pittsburgh. So the Steelers down They have it pretty much set on defense. Yes, they got to figure out Minka Fitzpatrick. There's always things you could find tune right? But they're going to have to figure out who the next quarterback is. Do I think it's doing Haskins? No. Could Dwayne Haskins be the starting quarterback next year, potentially But that's not playing number one. Maybe it's find someone in the draft. But you're not going to be picking right in the top 10, so you're gonna have to trade up Or maybe There's a lot of quarterbacks that Could be perturbed and a little bit agitated this our season. And maybe you find a way to land the Rogers A Wilson depending on what happens on the legal front. To Shawn Watson. So if I'm the Steelers You don't have to say it verbally, not to say it out loud. And say vocally, But you could think it I would go into this year as this is it for Big Ben. Because even if big Ben isn't the reason why this team doesn't make the playoffs And even a big Ben placed well this year. Big Ben's not win another Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers. So start To break down. That big piece for you That was there for so many years and find to your next guy is so you don't waste some of the young defensive players that you have. Where you have A championship defense, But your offense just isn't good enough. And in this upcoming off season, we'll see who is able to be keepers on the offensive line for the Steelers. You should remake and maybe patch up your offensive line, depending on who plays well this year. And you've got to find out or you have to. Eventually start to think who your next quarterback is. And maybe it's okay. You bring Ben back and you draft someone in the first round, and that guy sits for a year. Maybe that's a possibility. I don't know. But the Steelers don't have a long term answer at the quarterback spot right now. So it's great that they bring back T. J wide. It was a no brainer. Now you got to get the Minka Fitzpatrick contract done and squared away eventually through time. And the defense is ready to go. But the offense is not, and it's been that way. Kind of what seems like the last decade, Right? It's vacillated offense, ready to go defense, not defense, ready to go offense, not The gold is off season should be expediting the process so the defense will eventually be or the offense will eventually be at equal level of what could be a great defense. For years and years to come. It is exact help show on CBS Sports Radio when we come on back I got to give you a little anecdote from what happened behind the scenes with these T J Watt negotiations once again, four year extension $112 Million.28 little over 20 year. 80 million fully guaranteed at the signing, highest defensive paid player in all of football, So we'll give you a little nugget on that contract, and we return also. One of the Dallas Cowboys going to be this year. They kicked off the season tonight. Up against the defending champs. Are you a believer and the Cowboys 855 to 1 to four CBS 855 to 1 to 42 27. It is exact help show But first up with the.

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