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You safe this winter and together working for you It's 5 28 Traffic and weather on the 8th Jack Taylor in the traffic center The rack in the district is on I two 95 coming in the northbound direction as you approach the suitland Parkway in south capitol street exit four last her just the right lane was getting by It's about your only delay downtown right now We're quiet on the freeway Third street tunnel New York avenue D.C. two 95 so far everybody's off to a good start You're looking good on four 95 through Maryland and Virginia should find all your travel lanes open We're staying in Virginia 66 at a Gainesville east light volume no worries headed all the way inside the beltway There was a trouble spot on one ten north the ramp to get on to 66 west The ramp was temporarily blocked we had unfortunately a vehicle that slid off the roadway into the wood line So you've got a tow truck on scene now 95 coming in the northbound direction at a falmouth headed into Springfield main line a little bit heavy in woodbridge No worries on three 95 north looking good all the way up toward the 14th street bridge All right in Maryland the beltway is fine three Montgomery and prince Georges counties two 70s good to go south coming out of Frederick No troubles between the beltways 95 of the BW Parkway There have been reports of some police activity on the westbound span of the bay bridge although it looks like in sphere the cameras we've still got three green arrows 70 eastbound as you head toward 29 electric city got word of a crash No reported delays as across the ICC 70 otherwise have been good between basically Baltimore and Hagerstown through Frederick and back should find your lanes open Its regency furniture's biggest winter mattress super sale with the lowest prices of the season on regency mattresses Plus get up to a $300 bonus toward Tempur pedic sleep accessories.

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