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And help you to start really understanding the power of your assets and so as we go through that those six thirty sixty ninety days now we understand when people come to us you know their perspective is that know they're kind of their hope and their confidence is beaten down and i recognize that most places most people are trying to you know sap your hope and confidence outside of our walls i recognize that most people are trying to drag you down mediocre most people are trying to get you to do what they're doing and you know part of this is recognizing that if you have the right perspective you can kind of extract yourself from that negatively and you can start making yourself putting yourself and more productive circumstances and so within our first thirty days we come to visit us our goal is to give you some financial hope to show you some opportunities so show you some results show you some pads that you can explore that will give you some opportunities for more income within the next thirty days what we're gonna do is have you start explore flooring that and experiencing it so that you're actually going to be generating money in the market you'll be making trades live in the market and as you do that part of our goal is that you're going to build your financial confidence 'cause you're going to see it in action you're gonna see some of the possibilities and realize that this is something that you can make a priority in your life and after ninety days after building up your hope building up your confidence our goal is that you're going to have real strategies that you're going to be able to put into effect so you you're going to be optimistic about your financial future and i recognize that that optimism is something that some people see dr clad some people see the silver lining our goal is to get you to see that silver lining and recognize that no matter where you.

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