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Please no. Over there abuse some other people please you know at least the lifeguard has the little owning over their heads a poop. poop. John By. Yeah, we were on the ferry going to southport. And sure enough the seagull there's they're everywhere because they're behind the boat. For something to come up and Right in my face. On he was pretty young so she just started crying she couldn't handle it. Having a you. Yeah. She was crying that a single pooped on Mommy and. Your facial expression that brought fears. Oh, I'm sure it was this one. Disgust is this. Well I can only imagine what they're poop would be like I see our chickens. When we this fall since you know everything's kind of falling, we'll let him out of the coupe area in the Guardian this come out in the yard and pull out all the Mulch and everything just to get the little worms but. Always they will poop on the walkway and it is the NASTIEST. Junk chickens are nasty. Well, the dogs like it. I didn't hear. Back defeating this season. So maybe there should be a sign that says. Do. Not See the because really if you wanted to be part of the culture, you gotTA teach people that. True however. People don't read signs It's Don't know. There's so many things we have a lot of signed pollution. Look at all the rules that are out there. WAS, no one reads No one reads. And so it would just be one more sign. Yeah. One more thing pollution that no one would read. We just need one. We just need like three rules. Yes. I like that one. Let's. All the drinking backup like non breakable glass. Yeah, why can't we drink on the beach? You know? I hate that rule Dave I. I. Look at it this way. Okay. That's way above my pay grade. That's no comment but you know what you gotTa do you gotTa be talked about this last week you? When we were doing the injustice I think it's our responsibility to teach others. What's customary. Siegel. I think most people are not feeding the seagulls because they're mean and want to make everyone mad that's not it. Misunderstanding well and I'M GONNA have to agree because. What we take for granted when we come to the beach we'll have someone that has never been to the beach and you know in trade and we we teach them. You know look at that person until they hit the water and you know, are they a dunker diver? Are they gonNA dive under the waiver? They're gonNA Connor wave you know. Idea of what they are but. It's no different than if you threw me..

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