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Captain Patrice Bergeron spoke to the media today and was asked about the game plan heading into the rematch. Have a better start. You know, I think that that's the main thing we talked about. Even after the game last game is, you know they came out strong and they got the better of us early on, and we got better as the game went on, But then you know, you can't just rely on that. And the Celtics are back on the court. Tonight, They will host the Detroit Pistons at eight o'clock. Brian Antonelli WBZ Boston's news radio, Well, 6 13, and we're having a time of it on the expressway per usual. Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes like you brought to us by Yankee Custom truck. It seems like the same time every Friday night to call the North Bound Expressway. A complete standstill. Coming up from Braintree with the left lane crash after Furnace Brook Parkway. The backup reaches well before Route 37. It's now reaching onto the top of Ruth three up into the splits. Oh, yeah, just a real problem at the start of the expressway here. South down. The expressway is good coming out of the tunnel. Slow going Mass after self bay. But surprisingly, it's not bad After that. Route three is clear all the way down. Pass route to 28 tonight and Rich 24 95 south. They're both fine coming down from 93. Another problem is downtown. The Tobin Bridge, Outbound jammed all the way up and over. It's a crash at the bottom of the bridge on the Chelsea side, keeping it down to one lane there Well, Storrow drives eastbound is backed up a little bit coming into leverage Circle. It's pretty slow on the left right up ramp, but the lower deck of 93 is fine. And so are all the airport tunnels up north of the city. Things are finally good on the upper end of 1 28. Roots three and 93 north. They're both pretty good up to the New Hampshire line and out to the West. The Mass Turnpike is good now..

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