Donald Trump discussed on Jimmy Barrett


They were show their were see pictures of the d day landings the only thing missing from that is what was included in the previous story and that's meth so all of all of this stuff that i you know what they're doing actually i just figured it out it's a war on sarcasm there are eliminating my ability to go to the most absurd boundaries of something for the purpose of making a sarcastic joke on my show they're coming after me by actually going to the most absurd boundaries it leaves me no room to go there you know the creators of south park stone in a tree parker missed stone recently said the same thing like they're having a hard time writing because everything is so absurd legco the kid top it realities is is is crazy with anything they could come up with you know that's a day embiid yes which is why the they they said they're not even leg when it comes to trump they're not even touching anymore because there there's nothing they can say how do you get i had in and i was thinking i had to come up with something that was the level of absurdity to trump that that donald trump but trump the idea that anta is the same as our military on the day and i had to sit here for a moment on my what was what does level absurdity so i can make a joke that i can even come to an and it took in it took me a while on my ira iwojima with bachi by wall street but you can almost make.

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