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Trump onstage there. He's seeking an open congressional seat. That's been occupied by Democrats for twelve years. The president also drumming up support for Republican Senate candidate Karin Housley and congressman Jason Lewis supplement at the I report is found no corroboration of sexual assault allegations against cavenaugh Democrats claim that the report was not thorough enough and could have been bias from the White House over three hundred protesters who descended on Washington DC to oppose Kavanagh's nomination were arrested yesterday, including comedian and actress Amy Schumer and the midst of a heated nomination process supreme court nominee cavenaugh pendant op Ed in the Wall Street Journal on president to see judge Cavanaugh making the final argument for his nomination himself. Here's what he wrote in the bed and the Wall Street Journal today, quote, I was subjected to wrongful and sometimes vicious allegations, my time in high school and college more than thirty years ago has been ridiculously distorted my wife and daughter. Have faced vile in violence threats against that backdrop. I testified before the judiciary committee last Thursday to defend my family. My good name in my lifetime of public service. Kevin admits that he may have been too emotionally at times but insists that he is every bit an independent impartial judge. But that wasn't enough for the ranking member of the judiciary committee Dianne Feinstein who blessed him saying that FBI investigation was insufficient that procedural vote is set for nine thirty this morning that San Antonio time passes. It could pave the way for final vote as early as Saturday keep it right here for the very latest after more than five hours, deputies found a man who held officers at bay inside a west side home dead in a bedroom. Sheriff how the air Salazar says when they had not heard from the man they sent in a robot. The robot was able to get into one of the bedrooms was able to get into the house get into one of the bedrooms where we did find that the suspect was was deceased looks like from a self inflicted, gunshot wound. The ban is suspected in the shooting of a woman in a teenage boy who were found outside. The home both in critical condition. Salazar says the boy is clinging to life at university hospital. A suspect is in custody after leading deputies in new braunfels on a wild to county. Chase overnight police say they tried to pull the man over in the one thousand block of south walnut. Because they had a report that he may have a weapon, but the forty eight year old man hit the gas instead and led officers through KOMAL county into Guadalupe county reaching speeds of up to one hundred miles an hour. Chase ended when he smashed his car into a tree back in new braunfels. He's facing several charges from drunk driving to evading arrest a lawsuit targeting Facebook is winning praise. From groups in Texas that are trying to stop human trafficking, Texas victim of sex trafficking, says the social media site gave her predator the anonymity needed to gain her trust when she was vulnerable teenager. So she's suing trying to force Facebook to do more to verify users. Bob Sanborn who heads up the Texas based children at risk says, they see social media pop up all the time during trafficking investigations. Because technologies in many ways has enabled predators traffickers. He praised the lawsuits saying Facebook needs so wakeup call. Michael board NewsRadio twelve hundred w oh, my I the jury will resume deliberations today in the case of Chicago police officer accused of shooting a black teen sixteen times, the twelve jurors were sequestered last night. In the case of Jason Van Dyke and dyke is charged with murder in the fatal shooting of seventeen year old Liqun McDonald in two thousand fourteen video the deadly encounter sparked citywide protests when it was released a year later. The jury began deliberations yesterday afternoon falling closing arguments and instructions from the judge Van Dyke faces a possible life sentence. Well, a twenty four year old San Antonio van will be calling a prison cell home for the next quarter century, and maybe longer is Cardini was sentenced to twenty five years to life after being convicted of super aggravated sexual assault. The jury's Cardini inflicted severe sexual injuries on his girlfriend's two year old daughter, and then tried to claim that two dogs in the. Backyard. Did it the girlfriend is awaiting trial on charges of injury to a child by omission while the winners are in for the two thousand eighteen Nobel peace prize the peace prize awarded to adult tip. He treats victims of gang rape until woman who is a victim at the hands of ISIS. Dennis mcclay. Gape a nuttier Morad recognized by judges for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. Maclay has spent decades treating injuries inflicted on women in conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now Moore at was captured by ISIS in Iraq in twenty fourteen at how the sex slave, and is now a campaigner despite challenges and oil and manufacturing the latest report from the Dallas fed has the Texas economy, surging we continue to grow at a very rapid rate. Over the summer months, we expanded at a two point eight percent job growth rate. Now that's down a little bit from the red hot three point five percent in the second quarter. Senior economist Arrhenius says the biggest overall drag on the Texas economic growth is a lack of workers, but she says for the first time since the end of the great recession, it appears that the labor shortage is starting to push up wages w away. I news time seven thirty seven, traffic and weather together in just a minute. But first a check of your money in the world of business..

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