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I mean, it's a pretext for players. Absolutely. The biggest takeaway of favorite play of the game. Besides silver. Yeah, besides the dunk, that's easy. Sales run after the dunk. I didn't realize at the time. But they showed another replay. She's the one who got the steal, too. Yeah, it was a 100% full court. Yeah, there was some cuts. There's not one specifically that stood out of my mind, but okay, we know this is a Kelsey plum Stan account. Puerto Rico crossover Kelsey. I wanted to spring it. But I had to be professional. But I wanted to go on Twitter. And then I reggae tweeted it, endgame. I wish a little like cover the Malcolm gia I was crying. Are we getting good from one of those though? That's a tough person to decide an awesome game. I'm going to sit down and guard you. Yeah. I'm so afraid. That's like nightmare to think about having to stay in front of her. She is so, so smooth with it. Yeah, a 100%. Yeah, that was definitely my play. Okay, okay. Like LG redeemed yourself with the MVP. 100%. She needed that. I John quill Jones almost had that gun. You guys got to get her on and ask her what was going through her mind. She was coming down. We were talking about that before the game, like, who would be the most likely to dunk and I thought it would be John coil. My money was on Kelsey. In a moment. Also too, there was a point where Brianna Jones was posting up AT and she kind of looked at her 18, was like, you know that the rest of the league does not want to go out breezy in the post neither times AD was hilarious. I loved her doing

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