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Um so who do you think who you pick to uh mike and they get a song entry this week is their won a race like hiding somewhere maybe that'll tipped the scales no okay so i came into this obviously like having 45 minutes ago on thinking oh my god i can't like liana cannot get this one because then i just seem biased but ashley was pretty jewelry on mike's okay for one and then you add them you hotter like making merge but also you had this big patrick alliance thing going on and then i was like i dunno so now i think i found myself an out gang hall thanks for tipping the scales and lee honest favour liana congratulations i think you get your day late what did hall deal the hank rehangk rethink i pointed out your detail oriented mind liana half obviously that i was not paying attention beijing okay awesome fantastic i don't remember what the arc running total is going i'm going to say that i'm winning so he knows his dispute at i so what gorilla glass at podcast it just like there's always say that you know mike what wins everything is liane isn't here now it's just the opposite is going to win everything this this this episode because mike is in here oh question about so next week you guys have five people's predictions laid out are you reading all five of them cliff notes us might wanna read just like brief summaries like.

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