Nintendo Announces Diverse Lineup of Nindies Coming to Nintendo Switch


First and foremost, the knees event was off the hook. This is where I inserted into the show notes. Andrea roles is I couldn't come up with a better hand. My made a neat Nintendo had another India meant for their Indies showcase today, the announced a bunch of games, a bunch of release dates. They put out a press release and I'm going to cherry pick from it to give you the full briefing on what happened. First off. Let's start with a quote from Steve singer, vice president of Nintendo of America's publisher. Developer relations team. The ever growing community of talented independent independent developers sees the benefit of releasing creative games on the versatile Nintendo switch a system that can be played at home or on the go. We're happy to support their work and contributions on our platform. As we further grow our strong relationship, everybody take a deep breath with me. We're jumping right in into the breach. The hit turn based strategy game is headed intendo switch today. Jerry petty was flipping out about this. He's talked about it a lot. He's always wanted me to play it. Here's my shot. So I'll get reveal. Jen was watching it. This kind of looks like advanced words. I'm interested, then

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