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Glad to be here with you, man looking forward to this game and let's start get right to the game plan. I'm gonna start with the Saints. The Saints in the biggest key for them today is they met it must attack early. They're more talented than the Niners in almost every aspect of the game because the Niners have so many guys out they've been hit with like with an injury bug that I've really never seen in football. They have 14 contributors. Out of this game today or out for the season really, really hurts and the saints are coming off there. Finally healthy. They're coming off their best when the year in fact, maybe one of the best ones in the NFL this entire year over there against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers 38 to 3. They looked awesome, but that they can't play flat today. They can't play the level of competition need to come out early and attack aggressively get Michael Thomas involved early. For the 40 Niners. I think it really all comes down to Nick Molins. He needs to have became of his life. Today. Everyone knows you can't run the ball against the Saints Saints defense only given up 80 yards a game second best in the NFL on the ground. So can he get guys involved with explosive plays of the top keeping eye on Brandon I used today He's a talented first round draft pick at Arizona State, a rookie he was out last week due to contact tracing. He's back in today. I think I'll try to get him involved early with some explosive plays. All right. Just think back, though. If you don't mind Barretto for a moment to December 8th of last season, the last time these two teams met, it was out 48 46. It was a pivotal game in the NFC playoff chase. The Saints find themselves in the similar situation. And as you alluded to $40 on a much different place here at this juncture. What a difference nearly a year ago makes for these two franchises. Well, there's no doubt I think most NFL fans remember that game it was. It was a fantasy feast out there Cornucopia fantasy points for everyone involved. They were all happy. And if you had any fantasy players in this game last year, as you mentioned 48 to 46. I think Come in this year we all circled this game thought this might be one of the best regular season games of the year. Obviously, a lots changed, especially for the 40 Niners. Not really much has changed for the Saints, to be honest. Some huge name Guy's house. You mentioned Richard Sherman out today. Debo Samuel George Kittle. Jimmy Garoppolo, where he most Tevin Coleman out for the year. Defore, Nick Bosa, Ben Garland, Weston Richburg. Solomon Thomas. I mean, they have an absolutely decimated with injuries so little bit of a different game. Maybe that we anticipated but I think still has a chance to be a good one. Shawn. At 90% of the offensive touches for the 40 Niners in last year's meeting,.

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