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I just want to get your thoughts on that deign to Jared, Vanessa Mark and eastern have to say about this. We need to get Bree. And this Email or in studio with teen and we need to figure this out live on help by second data breach. I'm gonna be alright I'm going to be honest with you, I'm gonna I'm gonna save you the headache. And just tell you right now, you probably don't wanna do. Contacting sabotage everything agree. Let me tell you dean have you ever seen in person have you? You haven't guessing you how I've not been probably would want dating him right now dean is dunning gorgeous. Not only, but he's not only stunning physically. He just has this amazing heart about him. And he is a rare catch. So I would love to invite you to the studio. I wish I could be there when I can actually see you guys meet for the first time in person, but we would love to have in studio. And maybe you guys could to have your first date on our podcast. Yeah. Okay. I'm down. I was supposed to come in today. Unfortunately, I was out of. Oh, I know. I know but being we both live in LA. So I think we make this happen. Okay. I'm going to be. Demand for. That timing. Timing is everything right? I your your world traveling model, I'm unemployed and all that stuff. So. The one you're working right now. Working real hard for sure. Abry we're gonna make it happen. But I'll tell you this too. It's definitely not going to happen in paradise. Because there's zero percent chance. I go back on that. I think I want to see you in paradise at the end of the day. Right. We want to see you on paradise Brie. I'm Natalie I want to be with dean, maybe she'll go to paradise and then realize at the end of day that you had me all along, and she'll she'll leave on her own free will and come back and go are you? Okay. Waiting until after summer because we have a bit of time. Yeah. I mean, sure go to Mexico. Get a nice tan for a month and then come back. All right. Breaking news on help is like dating breeze going to go on paradise and just date dean afterwards zone. Last resort. That's not the first time. And I'm sure it won't be the no, no, no, I'm kidding. So before you go, do you have any thoughts about last night's episode of the bachelor, did you watch? This was the only episode that I've missed and it's because I was on my flight you big time. So I haven't seen it. And I'll catch up later this week on Hulu, but film in what what what are you guys? I personally haven't seen an episode since after week three. I just is not caring. Britain tight last. On three was gone. I was like, well what the heck am I going to take the big? The big thing that happened last night was a lease. She left on her own. Today's Tuesday, bro. Okay. Oh, it's for breed. I was like, I'm not spoiling. I swear to God. You know, what's already happened friends with all of those people that are on that doesn't have a giant group tax. That has just diagnosed everything that's happened directing about. So yeah. A least left last night saying that she was unable to situation pretty much and she just wanted to get out of there. Acker it a little bit about it. I think it's totally different to go back and watch it all and, you know, see, see what's happened. Of course. Even like when I was on the show, you know, like just being girls interviews and things like that. It's like a totally different experience. Once once you get to watch it back, which is interesting. Did you have do you have one specific favorite moment from your time filming that was aired aired off air doesn't matter. Whatever you that much time. I had a good time. I went on the one crew the the group that we had. And I think I think that was really cool actually filmed in downtown. So I live in downtown LA, and I didn't really get too far on the show one all the way to in downtown..

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