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He tried to put some lipstick on the pig with the booming, and he did a decent job, but we're not buying. It fits. I mean he did. It wasn't pretty spectacular effort though. I mean, yeah, absolutely. By the end of it, I was like, what did he start with? Well, never mind. He's just trying to defend the booze coming up. The NFL is trying to embrace gambling this season, so we'll decide to do the same. But first we very much need some help. We'll get it next Spain and bit on ESPN radio. The just told you, look, we the rules are changing. The game has changed and gambling is becoming more and more of a conversation. But one of the things they're in I are more than happy to do is ten what we don't know. So we figure rather than try and pretend that we're going to be experts. We're going to do something a little more special dabbler or degenerate. Which one are you? Let's find out. So to help us break it all down ESPN sports betting analyst and co host of behind the bets podcasts, Doug kazarian Jonas joining us in studio. So you know, we need a little hope. Navigating the waters and what we're gonna do here with dabbler degenerate. Doug is we're going to sort of let the the plays go both ways for people that know nothing for people that are diehards. I think there's a mix of both we have to. We have to acknowledge going into this. So let's let's dip our toll on the water first and say, okay, when you look at the landscape this weekend, what's the easiest dabbler hey, I know nothing about betting, but there's something out there. I wanna play. Well, it starts with the TV games and let's go to Chicago for the Packers and bears game Sunday night. The big game. The guys were just talking about with the gone with last night's game. So Sarah, I ask you, you know, Chicago. Obviously the bears really well who owns the bears, Virginia mccaskey. The answer is Aaron Rodgers, incorrect. While Roger trade into that one is twenty career starts against the bears. He's won sixteen of them and covered the point spread fifteen of them. So even a point per that's supposed to be kind of balanced, he's one and covered seventy five percent of those. So the point was that all of them the what's at every single one just crying alone. So the point spread for Sunday, obviously, big news with Khalil Mack. So it's come down a little bit. So right now it's Green Bay minus seven against the bears. Do you think Sarah, the bears will keep it within seven and lose or even win the game outright? No. So you think so? That would be Green Bay minus seven would be the bet that's our dabbler dabbler, but I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna take that one because I wouldn't bet against my own. But that is a good starter bet for people who are looking for what might seem to be likely to be an easy because bedding, form of entertainment, just like having a beer or a dog at the game. So you already have a rooting interest in the. Game? Yes, on Sunday night with other people which kind of fantasy have need a rooting interest and that would be the dabbler. Okay. So do you have another dabbler that you you like a game? I like would be the giants Jaguars game. So this is interesting because the giants were like the butt of everyone's joke slasher, right. Three wins could figure out who to start ally manning or Gino Smith and the Jaguars we're like a couple of plays away from the Super Bowl and everyone thinks they're trending up. Right. Well, I like the giants plus three at home. I think New York gets the win, and I'll take the three points dabbler. Right. Well, that's noted for my picks coming up later. I'm just going to have to steal steal from would hug Sara. Where do you weigh in on that? Like you? I mean, we all remember where we last saw what the giants and Jaguars going deep in the playoffs. How do you feel about these teams this year? The most interesting thing for me will be obviously saquon Barkley and how he fares in his first outing. I expect him to play very well, but with the Jaguars d on the other side that could kind of maybe make it. More difficult for him to come out with a bang..

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