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The support that the stated show will be Popeye's chose there. But the state of the Lisi Anna chills, Daniel cormier, or did you have the checking by the way? No, I. Probably got the elevator. Oh, really hungry like that. But but I I have a strange suspicion. You bought the chicken wasn't spicy. I know brother that chicken because a brother bud spicy chicken for you bought the file chicken one. I've still never tried it. I've still never tried. I don't know. What's not you buy the Popeye's chicken and get the Despites you'll be like who? Alice. Like, what bitter salt like ooh that's two season spice. I'm glad you had a and I love what you did covering them up. You gotta stay loyal to your to your team, and they weren't loyal to you. So while done much love. Thank you so much for doing this. Congrats. We'll talk to Sinn. Thank you. Thank you. Join. That's the bit. Thank you, my friend areas. The double champion himself, Daniel Cormet unbelievable. What a performance out of him on Saturday night. What a win for him on Saturday night. And it appears as though will get him one more time that's early March in Las Vegas. Okay. Another big performance on Saturday. Another man who want a performance bonus. We'll be talking to one later on Israel Sonya. But Jared Cananea what a performance out of him taking this fight on two weeks notice in his third way class one eighty five looks like a different person and Dana white told a great story afterwards about being somewhat worried after what happened in the globe to sheriff fight in Brooklyn a couple years ago that David branch would be the wrong kind of opponent firm. Well, that wasn't the case he wins via stoppage. And now all of a sudden we have a new face. We have a new player one eighty five. His name is the killer. Gorilla has named jarred. Kennedy. I do believe he is joining us right now via Skype. Jared. How are you? I'm doing good area. Thank you have me on. And yes, I'm really it's a pleasure where we off to. I'm going to. Okay, congratulate the gym you take the morning off. Now, man. Relatively. So have. Ready for five bucks? Okay. Can I ask you favor? I think the volume is a little too high because we're getting feedback is it possible to lower. You'll you'll still be able to hear hear me. How's that? Yeah. That's better. That's better. Can you hear me? I can't get enough. Okay. Fair enough. Congratulations on the win. How did you transform your body? Like that Jared. I hardly recognized you I remember he was a heavyweight and light heavyweight you look completely different person. What happened? How did you do this? Quit. My job quit. My full time job. Of course, everybody knows that in on a move down to the lab to partake in the more consistent program on top of that, you know, just the dietary adjustments and just bunch of hard work. Why did you feel like you? You were best. I wanted five. Like, this was the smart move. That's a twenty pound cut. Why did you do it? Well, I'm not a natural heavy, even I'm not a big might have either. I'm pretty muscled up. But I'm not, you know, too muscled up like bulking or anything like that. So I had to wait to rose in the wills melting off. And it was only maritime like I said, even the heavy went. I was always saying, you know, middleweights probably gonna be future. And here we are when you accepted the fight on two weeks, notice how much did you weigh initially when you took that when you took that fight. What I accept the fi? I was around two five two three after workouts are probably like two ninety nine to ninety eight. Okay. And I was already in Ryan. How's reading ago, I heard that you ask for the fight you wanted? This is that accurate. Yeah. When I when I signed on from our fight in Argentina, I told them if you know some short notice come out because I wanted to fight early. I wanted to find Sony and I'm glad they listen to a game of the call when when they make the adjustments to the card, and I was ready..

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