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We're going to do it almost an order but then we're gonna break away a little bit because this is ordered story yes as and the thing is about this is that so when these superheroes the soup that with these superhero movies especially like the first in a supposed series now i can't imagine they wanted to make a full series of this but as they did with superman you know the first one was success and they end up making five more so it wasn't out of the picture to make series but you have to tell the origin story of the character at hand you gotta know even though everyone knows captain america is you got to understand that okay you know i want to know who this person is and i want you to show me a story about who this person is and what he's going to become an a lot of people nowadays have a problem seeing origin stories because we've seen so god damn many lately i know a lot of people were like if i have to see fucking uncle ben or the wayne's die one more time i sort a gut and for me as much as that has happened in recent years it doesn't bother me as much i i can watch the wayne's get shot a bunch of times because it's a conceptual thing where it's like you know what i like to see how people interpreted are like to see how people kind of go with okay this is the story but how can we shifted how can we change it like watching ben heavy superman versus the the original batman eighty nine zero seeing how they played out who did it and how they did it say thing with uncle ben and all those things like okay interesting enough for me i like seeing interpretations that way but for me gearing up to see this origin story here i was like all right let me see what this is about captain america i know.

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