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John one of the things I'm curious about is. I know you've done a ton. That's a measure of weight, not a measure of quantity necessarily. But I know you've done a large number of these free half day classes you've worked with a number of students out of the seminars. In fact, you know, you go back to the to the really origin of Online Trading Academy a couple of decades ago. What are some of the what are some of the situations, or what are some of the outcomes examples of people that you could kind of share with our financial radio family out there as far as somebody who took the OT methodology from start to finish. Wow. That you're right. I in January you got a bunch of January will be my twenty th year. You're with a company, and I've seen so many people come through our doors. And the bottom line is. We literally have a track record as documented transgression of literally transforming people's lives. We've had people come in here from all walks of life and in all shapes and sizes. But universally they all come to the party because they're in some pain, and their pain threshold is kinda relative to where they are. You know, you know, given what's going on in their life from the from the airline pilot who just went through, you know, a catastrophic event of a major, bankruptcy and he lost his retirement. We've had people come in here. That that have had situations where their retirement vehicle was halved in value. With stock market volatility situations, we've had people come in here that have that have gone through serious marital problems, including divorce, and then we've had others who've come in here where their job has been pulled out from under them because they are a victim of what is generally called, by communists, creative destruction. Because technology has shall we say moved there cheese. So we've had all kinds of people come through our doors over the last twenty years. I think the universe of what's interesting Ryan is that when I first started with Online Trading Academy. Maybe five percent of our enrollment. Was female today as well. North of forty five percent of our enrollment is female, and I think eventually it's probably going to be sixty percent female. I think the American woman is taking on a new responsibility in the American Home because of the internet, and because she's at a chapter of your life or technology enables her to be productive. I think the average American female is becoming the chief financial officer of the American Home, and that's been quite a shift. So we've seen all kinds of people come through here. I think the universe so comedy nominate her is they aspire to take responsibility for their own financial affairs. And we applaud that we champion that as the place, but it's not something that's not a skill. You wanna try to learn through trial and error. It's not a skill. You wanna learn to read a book or watching some YouTube videos? This is a total immersion experience that we have created here and perfected over the last. Twenty years. Absolutely. And there's a reason why the school colors of the school of hard knocks or black and blue, you know, it is a very very tough road to hoe. And the thing we always like to say is there's no reason to feel like you need to reinvent the wheel. You know, you've been here for twenty one years it we're and we're about to turn what twenty two as a company. So we've been doing this for a long time. There's no reason like I say to go reinvent the wheel. But one of the things we can do is. We are. We are at the end of the show. We've got all these tickets left. Let's just give the rest of the let's give them all away. Let's clean up the clause. Right right now, I've got a half day classes coming up in your area, half day classes, where you're going to see exactly what it takes to really take trading and investing put it into your life and be able to generate that consistent income and really live that lifestyle that you've always wanted an deserve a right now, we've got a chance to win a.

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