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Nine forty seven beach. Access advocates are rejoicing over a major move by the supreme court. It's thrown out a lawsuit by a Silicon Valley billionaire who wanted to put a lot gate on a path that goes through a stretch of beach next to his San Mateo county property owner had tried to end a century of public access today. The supreme court denied his challenge to our victory and surfrider's victory that to do so you have to comply with the same laws as everybody else. Eric butcher with these surfrider foundation says the coastal act is clear, no, private landowners can block the public beach access and people and organizations like surfrider are willing to stand up and fight the California law will protect them in California law will protect the people's rights to the coast attorneys. Say California's coastal policies are Orwellian and at the state you're able to supersede private property rights without just compensation. It took a team of good Samaritans first responders and medical experts to save the life of a thirteen year old boy who was attacked by a shark and ensign nita's over the weekend. It was likely an eleven foot white shark that some kids teeth into the boy while he was lobster diving in attack that could have been deadly. If it weren't for some kayakers who pulled the boy to shore others were around to call nine one one. He got very very lucky, and we know it, and we are very thankful. L E. Hayes says before her son keen was flown to a hospital. More people jumped in to help including a diver who says he cut the boy out of his what to take a look at the injuries. I just couldn't believe how big that trauma was if I had to straighten the kid out I would say that wound is probably about eighteen or twenty inches long. He kept pressure on the wound until first responders took over which doctors say made a huge difference. The boy is now recovering. No sign of the sharks. Since the attack Cooper Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio one hundred sixty three regular season games to do it. One more than usual. But the LA dodgers are the National League West. Champions again. Dodger fans were pumped up yet. Sweltering in their seats as LA jumped off to a to nothing lead in the fourth inning. When Cody Bellinger, smacked a two run home run. Later, max, Muncie smacked, another one. Walker? Bueller pitched a great game giving up just one hit to the Rockies and just under seven innings. He also knocked in Iran is the dodgers hung on for a big five two two victory. Amazing game amazing game dodgers going all the way this year. All the way. No problem. Hey. Yes. Six years in a row fans were thrilled with the wind but got a little bit nervous when the Rockies club to home runs to lead often identity before kenley Jansen settled down and shut them down. The Atlanta Braves come to town on Thursday at Dodger Stadium. John KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio.

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