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You know but the horses with body condition all of the horses with body with a higher body condition took longer than the horses with the body conditions or than the horses that had the higher grain in the higher body condition. There were twelve of them. And i took all twelve of them and sold them at the end. Those three i had some people come and help me write him and no one else could ride them. They were so spooky and touchy just because they had so much energy right. It was just fueling that self preservation. Yeah that is so interesting. And i think that that's awesome because the more science we can bring to what we do. Not just i done it this way for years and i keep on doing it this way right the more we can do the science and that's why i think it's so cool that as a horse trainer you have that education that you had to do this for your master's thesis this project because now you're able to utilize it in what you do every day and teach others about that. Yeah it's it's fun. And i you've been around horses i know and i i was raised around. You know really get horsemen and clinics. And even when we're starting colts all the time growing up we always had people coming in with my dad and i always heard this was the same. Maybe you can relate to it. they're fill that their. Do you feel that. They're you filled out. Whether it was dad or grandpa tom. There you feel that. That's what i really tried to. This is what is there. What am i feeling. Ali trying to give that a name and a definition as a teacher. You know it's. It's really fun for me when i could name that define it and and then i'll even have some of those kids get on some of my horses where they can feel it. It's amazing how fast them kids can begin to replicate it fall. And this is one of the reasons wade. Why certified horsemanship wants to do more with you. Because we're doing the same thing but on the riding instructor in barn manager side right. We're saying let's number so if you're a level two instructor with us you know how to teach walk trot beginning kanner. So if i'm hiring you. I know you can teach walk trot beginning kanner right so i mean it's the same exact thing except on the horse side so once again. We're just so excited to have you come to our international conference in fort worth not only to do this talk and kind of show as with some people out there on horses some of it in action but also be able to chat with some of our other folks about all the different things we can do together so thank you very much Is where is the best place wade for p. Find you should they find you on a website social media. What's best well. There's i would say three different websites. Not the overcomplicating At the college there. Tv he equine so tv. Equine is wearing all my college stuff. our nonprofit. I need to get updated but it's training quality assurance dot org.

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