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You know from the vaccine and people are dying from that or you mentioned the other about. The young girl even went to having a heart transplant and couldn't save her life So it's not that did this stuff is is made up. There's is is not fake. News fake news is the denial you know. Oh there's no problem. Is you know in a context. I think the expense isn't that bad hundred people. Didn't i only ten people. You know this this sort of thing so that that is a real shame and this is what this is doing this this this complication from this plexiglass that it wasn't helpful and But but i think many have come to the conclusion that the mask itself didn't help and it Social distancing probably didn't save any lives I think common sense At times in the past have always helped you know diminish spreading of diseases but When the government gets involved This is a radical statement. They screw with government the governments a bunch of bureaucrats who were there for the wrong reason and not because they're quality people and Of course what's happened at the cdc and other patient places is is really scary but a typical example should wake people up and say enough is enough people should say. Throw throw off your chains like those kids through off their masks at at In israel you know that was their chain and they they were like i'm free i'm free. It's wonderful great clip. Well i'm going to finish. Oh no we have one more thing to do. I'm sorry are great conservative supreme court. You wanted to mention well we were. We were reassured and as things were going on and when the debate was going on pointing republican judges to the supreme court. Maybe it's gonna come. So certainly i wouldn't take a genius in constitutional law To figure out that Total control healthcare by obama care. does not fit into the concentrating absolutely no authority for this but it was a bigger job than that because already government had been involved in in In in medical care so therefore you can't pick and choose so they finally get at the supreme court and and the had a ruling was seventy two Is perfectly legal. No constitutional problem. The states can't object and you will follow the rules so this this to me is Just typical and also The this whole idea that there is a republican conservative constitutional position versus a liberal. Democratic position is a bipartisan position. That usually comes together due to the powerful You know lobbying group and the money behind things whether it's drug companies military or whatever and And maybe they have a few people behind designing all this and and that's called the deep state and decide. What are we going to save now. And then the power is is in the dissemination of information and. that's why. I take very seriously in our efforts to try to sort out and understand what's going on and try to let people know what the real truth is yes. Well i'm gonna close with something because this is kind of a good news story that we talk about. And that's when parents start taking charge. We saw in loudon county in fairfax county when they start fighting back for their. And this is a an article. That's up on. Ron paul institute website ron paul institute dot org what happened. Is that six electoral county florida. Parents took the masks that their kids were wearing forced to where it school face masks and these were not used. These were fresh freshly laundered masks. They send it to the university of florida's mass spectometry research and education center to be analyzed..

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