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The World Jewish Congress Evelyn summer, the importance of this campaign cannot be stressed enough combating world hatred genocide xenophobia in all its forms and more on Evelyn. We certainly are glad that you're able to visit with us today when we went into that last break we were talking about history. And how rapidly the World War Two generation is leaving us. He's not beyond comprehension that in our lifetimes. We may see the last of of the World War Two generation pass on. And these were the folks who suffered this whole cost, and you were speaking to the importance. Of that. And I want to let you continue on that line. Yes, you're right. It is so critical for us tweed UK the young generation and teach the message of never again because seventy five years after the holocaust half of the world's population. Never heard of the holocaust here in the United States half of the American public cannot say what our sheets, even the wise. This is why you patient and memory is so important. Also, as you reminded, I saw survivors that can tell their personal stories are disappearing as they are in their eighties and nineties, and so very soon. There will be no personal witnesses less to this horrific story and to teach and for us to learn from them. The general assembly of the United Nations they creed years. Go that January twenty seven would be international holocaust remembrance day. Did they that the United Nations chose to remember their horrific events of Ford were to as it is the day that marks deliberate foul Shvets? The concentration cab by the American army in this way. The United Nations department of public information, it's trying to increase holocaust awareness throughout the world. What people don't know is that the United Nations has offices in every country around the world. And by having this information centres bring out information about the holocaust. They are serving a major need in countries that never even heard about the holocaust before. And also the World Jewish Congress is partnering with UNESCO. The United Nations organization for for culture. Relations and. With unesco. The World Jewish Congress has launched an international education campaign on the holocaust. And we had the big conference last year in Paris launching this big big international effort of UNESCO. And it can be reached around the world by going to about holocaust that or. Another very important initiative at this moment that we are very involved in is that. At the present time there is very important Bill coming to the United States house of representatives. That will provide said they'd rather fund for holocaust education when this Bill. Is passed. The holocaust will be studied in every high school in every state of the United States. Because at this moment, there are very few states that truly teach holocaust in schools. The Bill is called the never again do patient act. We would it be an important tool to teach the next generation. So important that Democrats and Republicans should support this Bill when it comes up for a vote very soon. I also believe that a an important a campaign to visit the holocaust museums all over the United States. Of course, the most important one is the one in Washington. Maybe you know that yet. Shame may in Israel. The holocaust museum in in the library and London they are over very impact for toys in creating awareness about anti-semitism and about the holocaust. And one of the things you have one of the reasons why this is important. Is because of a lot of people out there, especially on social media, push sort of holocaust denial acting like you really didn't happen. What does your organization do to fight against those kind of conspiracy theories? Yes. This is a very very negative development. And we are actively fighting this. This holocaust deniers in all our communities all over the world, especially in Europe. Now, why that sim holocaust denial occur? Holocaust denial is the act of denying the married. Murder of six million Jews. There is of course, a very large amount of historical documentation and Damani else that describe each facet of the holocaust. So then you would last how can they love the holocaust explained? There are two answers. I think the first one anti-semitism the second one, ignorant plain ignorance. And we have to fight both of them anti-semitism of the last and the right? Did they have developed a kind of conspiracy theory by which they question three major point Thursday question. They say that there was no official Nazi policy to marry there. They choose of course, we have to deny that. The second thing that they they ni-. Is the existence of the gas chambers? We certainly can prove that they got chambers existed chest by visiting they. I wish they'd today and Birkenau and three they claim that they six million fig they say Jewish acceleration that made through store hundred thousand or maybe three hundred thousand Jews died during the war. Of course, there is full documentation and materials and historical evidence. All over India museum says the libraries in our archives to refute all days. But. You know, we are living in times where anti-semitism is rampant. Left-wing anti-semitism an anti Zionism right-wing anti-semitism based on on on an antisemitic conspiracies. Theories that Jews have too much influence in business and politics at sit there and the only solution to stand up to all that is education. Only in this way. Will we stand up to hatred to the lies to the denial and ignorance? And also there is a very important. Problem now, holocaust deniers are getting much much younger. It is not the old then David Irving anymore more that generation actually has quieted down a little bit. What we have. Now is this very dangerous new development that I referred to before it this young men using the internet and typing there. Hey, and then sending it out to the world Evelyn if I might I'm gonna have to take another pause along our network line here. But I wanted to remind folks that at the end of World War Two in the spring of nineteen forty five General Dwight Eisenhower toured the death camps. He ordered that film be made and documental of this because he was afraid that years later people would deny it just as they are. And so we have those films from general Eisenhower, and he was touring with. With old blood and guts, George Patton and George Patton became so ill in the death camp that he had to leave the tour. General Eisenhower continued on his own. That's how violent and nauseating. This was and we're gonna talk some more about that. We want to remind you that this is the Florida roundtable. I'm Reagan Smith, Michael yapping, very special guest is Evelyn summer of the World Jewish. Congress will return in a moment. Have you written a book you can become.

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