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Tom skilling for TV news at ten watch Chicago's very own WGN all right Lisa are you ready for burns and Allen I love I love George burns and Gracie and this is a really special night so I am really happy with the way this is working with the villains and having the opportunity to talk about Batman and robin absolutely and burns and Allen was one of the the best comedy shows of the golden age of radio and TV they've course were a comedy do well they started in vaudeville they were heard on the BBC for a while in fact and then they he appeared on the Eddie cantor show they were like Gaston the Eddie cantor shown that Eddie cantor said all you guys were great stay over for the next week and the next week and then they did the same thing on guy Lombardo's radio show right they were gas on the island borrow show but then what happened was they were so popular that they sort of took over for the shows when they went on a summer or winter hiatus so they got their own show way back in nineteen thirty to think about this radio was in its infancy right nineteen thirty two and they lasted all the way to nineteen fifty eight teen years on radio and then of course they moved to television and we're an even bigger success on television they did movies together course Gracie passed away and then George continued with his career he was in the god movies he was in the sunshine boys he won an academy award and then I got to be very good friends with George burns over the years it really was like the last four five years of his life he lived to be one hundred yeah and I license the burns and Allen show from him and he used to take me to the Beverly Wilshire Country Club and we would have lunches and dinners together and things we talk about the good old days of radio and TV I carry a picture of George burns with me me and him together in my wallet wherever I go and he was great he was just an awesome guy he helped me in the business he introduced me to other people other licensees who then license me their radio shows as well so I up a big dax to George burns and so every time I hear one of the shows it harkens back memories for me of hanging out with George burns so we have a January twentieth nineteen forty nine episode now this was a sponsored by Maxwell house coffee that was their big sponsor back.

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