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Saw a presentation on what is what is vaccination look like, um If you take the top groups that use ICU care with co vid Um, that's your nursing home category, right? And you get him all vaccinated immediately Drop Hospital visits by 40%. And so There's a cycle that I think we'll see. In the next couple months of reopening. Delta plans to bring back 400 pilots. Signaling optimism about future air travel, So this kind of goes Goes hand in hand with with the efforts T on vaccination, and they had planned to put more than 1700 pilots on reduce pain. No flying requirements right in exchange for Avoiding furloughs, but now they're going to bring back 400 toe active flying status by this summer. Okay, so they're preparing for that restoration, and that's where what we reported last week was a study that said. Affective herd immunity right. A zoo concept is about 70% that have either had it or had the vaccine and each of those reaches about 35% totaling 70. We're on track for July so that Z that that's optimistic for the second half, and then that sets the stage for the energy shortage. Right. That's right. Okay. So on the energy shortage oil approach 53 at the end of the week, right about it held its own this week. And we're starting to see reports that they've chopped so much supply. Right that there's already talk of a shortage, All right. So if I if I go to that report What it's saying is the big oil companies have cut down so much. On finding new oil area that it's already rippling through the system. Ah, you know, most of the world requires about $60 crude to produce enough to meet the world demand. But they may have chopped supplies so much that it can't be done quick enough. If you restore the air travel. Ah, Big oil's exploration cuts exacerbate the supply deficit. Mm hmm. That's behind the scenes. This is from ah, well price dot com. And I want to have this lady on arena slob. And she's been a rider for over 10 years. Just pretty good stuff. Um Many expect vaccines to boost demand before the year end. And and some are warning of a big oil deficit. Right now. GM is gonna go all electric cars by 2035, but it's an aspiration, right? S o. That's 14 years, potentially that they they try to go all electric, right? And and that's that's obviously a worthy pursuit. Ah, Golden Sachs. Biden's federal land drilling Ban is bullish for oil, right? Yeah, you're gonna have potential shortage by the end of the year. And you're going to need an inflation hedge. Is going to be interesting. That's it that that was that was a key part. All right now moving through the headlines right? Here's Jerome Powell. I was just going to go through his choice. Quotes, okay? And The first thing, he says. I kept interest rates near zero and maintained our ass are sizable, Ah asset purchases. These measures with strong guidance on interest rates, meaning we're not going to raise him and our balance she meaning we printed $4 trillion will ensure monetary supply will continue to live her powerful support for the economy until the recovery is complete. That's it. That's actually says they are. They're a big go for just Yeah. Get the economy recovered. All right, So they're on that page two. We'll tell you more about it when we get right back. This'd Spencer Macallan, host of Net Worth radio as a broadcaster. Sinuses are very important because you don't want to listen to a stuffy guy. Well, both Sinuses in the past year..

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