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On a twelve lender high output twelve hundred and And all of this which reminds me always on a predator a dinosaur like tiger or this fear of what it does to our perception. We're going to miss it with electric cars. And i said like no. We don't have to. We have to develop an audio we did. This with franco was henry. We gave the karma. Its own distinct sound signature. The audio sound. Remember when you're in the dark and you don't know your traffic light and the car pulls up you here. It's a comedy after. Look so this identity. We will four minya and for all of our cars. We will create an audience signature. We were the first now. Everybody's talking about and bmw on everybody to do their sound exploration that you skin gets chilled by. Oh my god tree. He killed that. Oh my god where the predators from the past are still great in love them when they were analog instruments the needle going up and down and unwrapping that was cool but with a display. You can create graphic art and motion graphic what you cannot do with an analog display and so if you replicate only the graphic offer dumb speedo it's not authentic and it's just limited and it's dumb but if you create in a way that it's a wonder in front of it like oh my god look at how that's what you can do with g four's and speed and recuperative energy when that becomes entertaining and yes i live in hollywood and yes i know. Sometimes it goes to but that's the beauty what we're looking for exciting. Automobiles live to have a relationship. You spent the money to have a relationship with that beast. And that's what we create a relationship. I tell ya anne. And i'm making the whole team in other bob vila streamer nervous right now. I wanna bring clutch shifting with the hand. I wanna have the left foot and the right hand back active with electric power and they looked out or you want to do it. We don't need it as like what i wanted for the relationship because when i drive my five fifty purchase spider. I don't do my emails or texts. Look it when. I drive a car my did i made my emails already before i was back at the headquarter but with five fifty. No i don't have the time to look. And i need to shave the manual and i have the sound in its open and it's just like we wanna do this back and that's why i talked about the romance of the automobile. The elegance the sensation the balance the perception we have six census in us. Since the motion sensor of how our body gets accelerated. I think i'm the only one saying this. But how cool is it to work in creation to stimulate constructed to all six senses in a new way pulled out of that thought. We'll be right back after a short break. Welcome to life done better. Listen to the weekly episodes where supermodel and health coach. Jill d. young talks to some of the world's most inspiring women in health and wellness. It's the place for all the unicorns. Strive to create a life on their own terms. Join us to explore. Discover and create a life done better together. Listen and subscribe from kurt co media media for your mind. Welcome back cars that matter. Let's pick up where we left off this. Authenticity is really something that i want to remark on a gin. You're starting with a blank slate. Your created a car that i mean. Let's not beat around the bush. I mean the elephant in the room is the fact that this is a two thousand forty horse power vehicle or at least equivalent in terms of its battery output. It'll do two hundred miles an hour in less than ten seconds you a range about three hundred twenty five miles and by the way it will cost well over two million dollars which i guess is the price of entry for any so called hypercard these days. We imagine that technology would trickle down as you guys start to design some offshoots a little baby brothers and sisters through media but it's the authenticity that it started life as an ev. And i see challenges faced by obviously the other companies. That end i for a lamborghini. I mean they're known for v twelve score ten or a v eight if you have to. It's really a veto concepts. And certainly they're going to be authentic to their mission of super high-performance and they'll always be ferrario. Always be for our. it'll ever getting always be a lambruschini but it won't be a v twelve ferrari and it won't be v twelve lamborghini and therein lies the challenge. How do you really remain authentic when the da eighties much overused term is in fact essence of your engine. Drive train. but you're authentic because you're starting from scratch and by the way you're developing a one to one scale slot car which is about as exciting as you can drive just based on its list drink performance. What are we gonna see this car actually come to market and how many guys plan to build. Franco has a relation to the number sixty one because it's his first year and he said in it's so funny he always like no it should be What about sixty one more he says like. Oh should we have like a signature series or someone says in the team. Like what about signature series. And it's always like this zorrozua paintings of his like all right. Let's make six plus one and then it's well that would be seven. No six plus one. He's funny we will do sixty one. The sixty one the number sixty one will be his because also in the karma. He has a signature series and engraved in the interior on. The glass. plate is a number sixty one for franken. He knew it at the beginning when he invested. So that's his relation so we're gonna build sixty one. We already think of what other. I'm out of this world. We all out of this world. What else could we do. But and this is the cool part in our team. Each of us is extremely thinking in the engineering world in the battery world in the operational world. Who work together with roberto and franco in figuring out who should be partner with us in. How can we form a partnership. So it's awesome. We've really with the engineering was paul. We really see. We excited about a laboratory. So automotive alias. Tremor is maybe an hollywood movie like like this crazy professors in a lab. Which half of the time almost kill themselves experimenting and so we are gonna we will create prototypes for the purpose of understanding the crazy ideas. We have in our heads in our hearts. We will all gonna make sure we're too long this to not kill ourselves in this. But that's why i said. The club shifting of two thousand horsepower. We need to figure out what that is but we leave. There is some crazy with it. And it's so extreme that we wanna do it. And we tested in that testing going to discover where maybe there's other types of were other extreme ideas would fit better then into a two seater very fast automobile. There might be others. And i don't want to say too much but we're very open and we're quite experienced crazy so i think it's the laboratory. We excites me the most to research. It's really researching. What's possible three possible. We are not shy to involve high-tech like artificial intelligent incident franco. I think shared in the press conference. The collaboration with a specific company approach is awesome italian. I think his last name is martini. I'm a male alike martini. So this is what stuck in my head but I i wanna meet him mike. I don't know. I don't want to say anything. But he's aweso extreme. He worked on the program. Developed self learning program before neither with nasa. So i wanna say is we are excited pioneers. We are experimental in. This is so different to all this. Oem approach because as we all know all those pearls and jewels of brands from the past our own today by big organizations and architecture of brian's and construction and let me just look at sta lantis and the fallout from that particular holy matrimony of misfits and it seems to be the conclusion because of the investments are getting more and more. It's a high shift into a quite unpredictable. Future was autonomous and who will be. The one who delivers are not and who's a customer really then in all of this but for us we just love to see the scientific application of existing new technology if it comes from a university we don't to do fundamental research but what we do is we do a flight research. And that's why our homeopathic amounts of vehicles we want to give to the fans of ours which say like. I wanna have to have this. We want to share this. So we don't just do it for ourselves and find investors which help us to be extreme. Now we want to also bring them to who the road to the street. Somebody can really have fun with it. And i was since my bmw. And i never really concept cars because you built them and then they go in the basement and nobody wants to touch him. My heart beats for getting it on the road having fun lucid improve at getting a better and make a statement in history and and that's what we do right now with automobiles streamer fool as our first lady back in just a moment here on the map on medicine. Were still practicing. Join dr steven. Tailback and bill kurtis for real conversations with the medical professionals who have their finger on the pulse of healthcare in the modern world. Available on all of your favorite podcasting platforms produced by kirk. Oh media back with alex. Lot on cars that matter. You've done a lot of things. Give us your resume me. Start with my naive idea to get into this world. What is spent now with thirty years in was the idea of. I wanted to create vehicles. I wasn't shy of aerospace or motorcycles or cars or trains or at craft carriers. I was just excited about all of them early. In my growing up hiding away from society. I was building. Radio controlled models like the little artsy models. And i was very hands on and i love the packages of those little reveal models. Glue them together a draw and so it was always hands on in. I like moving. Thanks and at the time. My parents were not allowing me to have a combustion engine in those are see models so thank god it was. The lack of motor was the first battery cells nickel-cadmium cells at the time that brought me to the world of okay. So what am i going to do later. In my life and i wanted to create them and then in germany i had. I did not find any resources remember. There wasn't a computer. And i was engineering. Was machine bowl. Like mechanical engineering. Did not find that. There's anything like industrial design at the time. And i know now today. This was my ignorance but i started mechanical engineering later in my life when i came to california a learned that german engineer. That's something special. I had no idea that this special but it gave me more. I learned more ways of expressing my ideas by drafting them out in three to four views. It didn't matter if it wasn't engine part or a body part in my imagination. I had in my skill of drawing with my hands helped me to think things through and to put them on a white piece of paper and i learnt more more that this special because other colleagues and my professors said like you have a gift. This is very rare. But nobody's was telling me what a real car company is looking for or what the profession is going to be for. Someone like me. And i learned this when i graduated and i wanted to find a job in italy i went to my dad helped me. He spoke italian and he helped me to ring the bell of our tone. And i didn't get the chance to talk with neutral. I met chris bangle first time there. Because i got an. I got a chance to interview with a steeler. Fia padre jeter the jaro. I spoke personally with and he told me i like i see a portfolio. Ceo engineering studies. But you're not really meet and you're not really a fish your something in between our studios to small. When i need a stylus. I call somebody from art center. If i need an engineer i call one of our engineering programs or hire somebody from there so you are in between. You need to go to a large factor. Figure out what you wanna do. I said okay. So let me sent out all my my resumes and serve it. So so the italian dream was kind of melted down or like okay. They're all little studios you know. We should remind them though that Leonardo da vinci was half our staff engineer as well so it is possible for that formula to work out pretty well. Confidence was just there. I came designer. I can draw. i can model. i showed it. I you know. I'm an engineer. Understand more how to draft a body part. And so i was confident i just went in there and i got my first chance to get into my first job which was with no procedure spent and it wasn't sindelsingen. The person i don't know yumbo bore. I remember he hired me and he hired me. Assist studio engineer and i had no idea what stood engineers but it is a group of engineers living in the design studio environment to help the ideas and dreams of designers to translate into engineering language and drawings and patents and whatever so he was alex starting at mercedes benz and you was like. Oh my god mercedes. This is just like the pinnacle and german engineering. And all of this. How do i fit into. This picture was funny. I was lucky. And i got the chance to support the advanced designers which dream about the future and of course a lot of unsolvable problems or ideas. Which just excited me. I wrote actually my first patent at mercedes. Because mercedes will so about writing patents. At the time. I met quite some money over the years. I think it will twenty years eighteen years i made every year round three to four thousand dollars of this patent and the patent was about. I think it was the second patent for mercedes about a rollover protection for convertibles. Right right right the little pop up. Roll bars yeah right. It.

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