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You know, what makes me shake, man? I just want to set back in a hot tub filled with odd us in the middle of cannibal country. Never go wash. Your is masculine their immediate worthless. Millennial dippy hipsters on account of don't eat meat loaf. Yeah. Steph are saying is start and a lack from our generation lots of stuff. I don't like. And how the world was changing for them because everything changes for them hipsters, don't like meat low. Nobody's serving Meatloaf. Well, I got another. These young boneheads twist in the world to their lack and millennial hipsters. They don't like all you can eat buffet as neither. Yeah. Say Hallelujah count last saying, we need in L right here on this planet is for your all you can eat buffets to start changing for the millennial nutball now, sir. You know, how them coastal elites and stuck up media losers elect collar middle of America flyover country. But that's all I could think a regular Americans. All you can eat buffet plow over food. Yeah. We don't got no or devore's or crew do Tae are gluten free nothing on a real American. All you can eat buffet. But we do got fried chicken. Yes. Sir. Stacked up in a hot pants elbow. Hi. We got tighter touch French fries. Mashed potatoes. Great that right next to each other. And you don't choose day that you take them all if you won't do we've got showers bury St. fried catfish chicken tendered, late low, pork, chops and gravy. We've got corn dog Schultz. We got carbon station with a woman and a hair net attacking a ham as big as Rosie o'donald head and on Friday nights and Sunday afternoon. She's slashing up a prime rib too much. They're going to your hipster palate. But that's okay. And we ain't even got to the dessert table yet. Now lady will get up and say, do you want me to get you a cake or power ice cream and smile, I'll say, yes. Wake up America..

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