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We'd have a fast team over there at all times in a tour would last approximately one hundred twenty eight days. Plus or minus. You know some days only one team at a time. Yes one team at a time so it was getting to where on the guys So they decided to expand it into two more teams to add a delta and charlie team and we're also going to start doing some stuff in the western hemisphere also so delta and charlie. We're going to be made up of some former fast team members along with some louis new Select tees and i got put on delta team which was one of the newer teams And i show up Got picked up an end of october. Two thousand nine right during the week where we had the military choppers crash after leaving emission crashed into a mountain and we lost three d. agents in that helicopter too fast team members Kaaba country office agent for da. That's we had a country office in kabul that did a lot of investigations and the fast team was kind of the action arm for them. We were kind of like da's overseas tactical team and lost A good run basically. Let me let me honor them too. Because i did some research on that. So it was chad michael thirty years old from quantico virginia michael weston thirty-seven from washington. Dc forced lemon thirty seven from woodbridge. All around that area but also seven military members went down with that. It was one of the h forty seven. spec ops version of the chinook helicopter being flown by the one hundred sixtieth special operations aviation regiment. Which they call the nightstalkers the sore guys that also flew the blackhawks For the osama bin laden raid by seal team six Over and abroad so many is army was the one but i guess it was blackout Brownout conditions really bad and they went right into the side of a mountain. Yeah these are the best pilots in the world pretty much in that c. h. forty seven. Everybody in in the front of the helicopter got killed when it hit. The side of the mountain is so it was kind of kind of a somber experience. You know you're showing up for aerial your first week. You're going to dover delaware to meet the bodies and you know if you know going to all the funerals and things so it's like okay. This stuff is for real now. It's you know it's sinking in. How did that impact you guys. I mean you're just coming up to speed you're getting ready to deploy and then you hear this. You're going maybe. I'm not going to get taken out by some taliban terrorists. Maybe it's just going to.

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