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We came here to win this competition and more exotic locations where the world awaits. Major on the amazing race, New Wednesday at 87, Central on CBS. Tuesday. We're the FBI way. Always get our man from Dick Wolf, Executive producer of Law and Order. I just got a call. I want all hands on deck. Go, let go. Their job. Can you tell me what happened? He's staying one step ahead. Let's get some answers way with Zeke Ozaki, FBI Take your hands off the wheel and Missy paragraph step away from the weapon. It's over a new FBI Tuesday at 98 Central on CBS. I have his secrets, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. Then don't tell me me This'll Monday. Bobby's going to ask me to marry him. It's the CBS original comedy Syriza's Bob Hearts have a Shola. This spot would be the perfect place. No, You have no idea what's my only nine J and, well, my name's tips. The process will be very stressful because I'm a white guy that does not help. I'm very happy. Shola New Monday 8 37 30 Central on CBS. Monday on CBS. Michael Weatherly is Bull. That's my name. I'm not a lawyer. I'm an expert in what's called trial science, figuring out what to say to the jury is what I do. Man. Talk about pressure and a new case will be one of the toughest he's ever faced. That's what turns him on his intuition. We will track down every piece of evidence is all that matters. What you gonna do? We're going to try. Michael Weatherly is Bull Monday..

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