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HD two ashville. Radio station. ABC news. I'm Daria Albinger. The speaker of the house says impeachment is not undermined here's ABC's. Jonathan karl. Pelosi has no problem being the president's chief nemesis should not have the shutdown. Are you? But for the first time, the speaker of the house flatly declared she is against impeaching President Trump telling the Washington Post, I'm not for impeachment unless there's something so compelling an overwhelming and bipartisan, I don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country, and he's just not worth it. Democrats are focused on getting the president out of the White House in another way Trump and his Republican party, or an exception. Not the direction DNC chairman, Tom Perez secretary of state, Mike Pompeo calling out countries giving Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro financial cover gremlin is standing with its Venezuelan cronies against the will of the people of a sovereign nation. To protect a Moscow friendly, regime Pompeo fears Madero is getting traveling money that will leave the South American country in crisis in Ethiopia witnesses are describing the harrowing moment they saw yesterday's doomed. Ethiopian Airlines flight lose control. Whether it was clear flight three oh two took off from Addis Ababa at eight thirty eight AM Sunday morning. But there was trouble from takeoff. The pilot radioing the tower saying he was struggling to control the plane asking to return to the airport, then just six minutes into its journey to Nairobi at eight forty four AM the jet disappeared from radar. Witnesses describing smoke coming from the rear of the plane before it crashed species Matt Gutman at the crash site. A Chicago police officers under investigation for the shooting of an unarmed onto cystic teen in two thousand seventeen will ever suspension doubled by the civilian board. Sergeant Khalil Muhammad was taken off the force ninety days. It's now going to be six months. You're listening to ABC news. News Radio six ten WTVN. Alison, why anti Columbus police officer? With the vice unit was formally indicted today on federal charges of depriving victims of their constitutional rights by allegedly kidnapping them under the guise of an arrest, and then forcing them to engage in sex for their freedom. Andrew Mitchell was arrested this morning. The thirty year veteran of the police force is the same officer who is under investigation for the shooting death of Donna castleberry in August of last year during an alleged prostitution sting as lawmakers worked today to find a way to fill the budget gap. They were also floating whether to regulate lightweight electric scooters across the state up provisions within the proposed to year transportation budget would apply a fifteen mile per hour. Speed limit on those scooters, and they would be forced to use lights at night, the Bill would also exempt scooters from state requirements on registration title and insurance, Ohio. Governor Mike dewine announced today. He's. Declared a state of emergency in twenty years behind us counties impacted by damaging flooding last month. Representatives from FEMA is well as the Ohio emergency management agency will now be meeting with county and township officials in each of those twenty counties this week to assess the damage from heavy rains and severe storms that blew through in February of last year. WTVN sport basketball buckeyes were the first round by in the big ten tournament. OSU will take on Indiana Thursday at twelve thirty second route Chris Hoffman says Caleb western well. Play. The buckeyes leading score has missed the last three games serving a suspension for violating athletic department policy. Holman says he's not worried about his big bands conditioning has done early morning workouts and afternoon workouts. Sometimes twice a day conditioning and basketball workouts throughout the stretch. Winner of any DNA gets top seeded. Michigan state Friday in the quarter-finals. Four teams have already punch their tickets to the NCAA tournament. The club is blue jackets back on home ice tomorrow night versus Boston Yoenis corpus Sala we'll start in net. Tuesday, the team with another back toback Friday and Saturday NFL free agency begins on Wednesday, Bengals tight end. CJ Zoema was given a three year extension for eighteen million dollars. The Washington Redskins have worked out a deal with free agent safety. Landon Collins for six years and eighty four million dollars. And Nick foles has reportedly. Agreed to a four year eighty eight million dollar deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars from the central Ohio Honda dealers sports desk, Eric research. Newsradio six ten WTVN. Allison Wyatt bluecross blueshield believes everyone.

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