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That's what I was thinking yet. What Chad overshoot as I pronounce name corridors Overstreet. Yeah. Why is that a name cord when it could have been shot? Apple, I don't know. Anything's Amy's, I guess. Okay. Sorry. Sorry about the little sidetracked. So as we know, Ashley, Benson has dated a lot of other people, a lot of public relationships just not another woman. So this is really exciting, and I hope that they are happy me too. That's all. So we can both hot and find and young and why not? I agree. I any suppose back and celebrities were celebrating it. We got a lot of money comments, and now it so funny because we always see, you know, there's always those memes fake Joe Biden, tweets, we always get them said test. And we've discussed before. We're like people really think that Joe Biden tweeted like, love you, bro. You bro. You're my like home biscuit or whatever. Oh, no one says home visit sent the tweets are, and we're always a guys. That's a fake name. No one actually had it when people submit it to us. So these were actual real comments. And we were so excited to be able to sell. I got. I was so excited. Yeah, also just a little bit of couple PDA. We really never see. So few in Scott commenting on each other's pictures. We see them Instagram together, which in that case, they turn the comments off or we see them into storing together a lot of times on private jets, but it's very rare that we see comments and he posted a picture asking if cut his hair, which we posted Kim's reaction saying he should. Yeah. And so few comments at the heart is I recognize is a breaking story is just kind of cool to see any sort of anytime they interact. Yeah, I love interesting. So this was a big one, so. Oh yes, which we're not saying in the crash recap because it was bigger news than just that if you don't really don't wanna hear about crashing again scroll through, but it's about chloe's major clapback. So basically press Hilton. Instagram's picture saying that khloe is forgiving trysts in and she is talking about marriage. She didn't comments on it. Like who makes up these stories at if you're gonna, make them up at least make them if you're going to write this up about me at least make it relatively true. We, of course post that clapback Deprez because it was just, you know, kind of. Then people on our page start commenting and she starts commenting on our page and let me tell you, we lost it, lost it. This is a big one. This was. I mean, we're sitting like it's just so funny because we're sitting there were not together when when this happens and we're freaking out like a, what do we do? First of all, she commented to. With someone commented and said, so she's acting like Tristan didn't cheat like it was made up by blogs LL and she responds. I'm not acting as trysted and cheat saying the story about marriage. Anyone insinuating that they know what we speak about privately is crap, not upset, Commodore, not upset by anything. Only pointing out when blogs, great stories for you for you ought to believe when it's simply untrue. So she comes this on our picture. So of course, what's going through our head is like, holy shit, khloe crash. She knows our account exists, holy shit. She just publicly confirmed that cheating on our on our count and also just like, oh my God. I honestly cannot tell you a time when something crazier happened. I wish there was a camera so you guys could see how in the moment even though if we can't, we do a very good job keeping our because we recognized, okay, we'll forget about this in a second. Let's first four comma get ready to go. Decide if we want to interrupt a bread solely. We're, I think that we're incredibly strategic in the way that we approach these definitely we have to be, but we were, we have to actually we have a group chat with four of us. It's me as before me. Julie, our intern Carleen our front, Isabel mutual had talk several because they were freaking out too much like calm down. We can freak out after this is this is important. We need to stop. It was so much so much. And of course, every single news out with that night. I mean, it was..

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