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Morning news the valleys only all news morning show it is 6 54 and 66 degrees in Anthem. I'm Jamie was thanks for listening to Arizona's Morning news Corona virus in Arizona. Eyes on parenting and update Now on a story you heard first on E. R. Families of Children with disabilities can now use their state benefits to support at home learning. Michelle Thorne, a mother of Children with disabilities, has been pushing for the change. DD DD came through and they are allowing parents to use attendant care and nursing services to help support special needs families who are doing remote learning. Thorne says This is not only beneficial for kids with disabilities, but will allow their parents to continue working during the pandemic. And speaking of work. Not only is Cove in 19 changed how we work, the virus may have also changed the way you're compensated for it looking for a job or maybe just a raise. You may not get much say these days about how much you'll be paying. It's going to be pretty flat in terms of what the future holds for salary increases for employees. Paul McDonald, executive director at Robert had offering other things to their employees. Other benefits other than compensation for the most part, and here's one that's becoming pretty Work from home used to be optional. Now it's mandatory in most markets, MacDonald says. No matter how long you've worked somewhere you can and should negotiate your compensation area. Aldinger ABC News 6 55. Here's detour, Dan now from the Valley Chevy Dealers, Traffic Center of the Look Big picture the big picture in a word. Great. I mean, if you got somewhere to go, this is the time to be doing it..

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