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Specter degree from a public state university get started fulfilling your dreams visit un you see that edu slash radio vets un uc see dot eu slash radio certified to operate in virginia bunch of our va two the the payne two nbn back we go more handle on the law marginal legal advice hi michelle europe welcome yes michelle mcgann morning yes ma'am oh cool i'm a cancer patient so i live off unfortunately this data california my truck is parked on the street in long beach i wasn't able to pay my registration 'cause i get two hundred twenty one dollars a month i'm broadside is don't know who did it and then contacted by the insurance company the judge comes out the asking my registration i know it's illegal to be do not have your registrations state of california but it doesn't negate the fact that i was so broadside when i sheeran's company the insurance company of the driver correct okay so the fact that i don't have a legal registration then parked on the street does that negate the fact that she hit me no emmys does yes uh it's really it's it's real simple if the rules are that if you don't if the car's not registered insurance companies don't have to pay and i don't have the the law in front of me but if the laws says that and insurance companies can bail then now you're out of luck and yet unfortunately i you are michelle and the fact that you are a cancer patient and you're living on a very limited income i and doesn't work as a defence now it will work if you're in front of a judge and there is anything a judge can do but if a law is the law then there's nothing you can you michelle.

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