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A mix of sun and clouds as it gets a little bit warmer high of forty four right now though just thirteen degrees news a service of eight C. oncology hematology care Cincinnati police are investigating after a shooting late last night in Evanston a man shot in the stomach while sitting in a vehicle on Dick's mon Avenue he was able to drive himself to the hospital and that's where he remains in serious but stable condition there was a ten year old child in the car at the time of the shooting that child was not injured no arrests have been made Colerain township police are reviewing possible policy changes after an officer was killed in a crash scene earlier this year an independent committee of law enforcement experts issued their report on officer Dale woods is death yesterday saying policing could be made safer the report calls for officers to undergo hands on traffic training and the purchase of high visibility safety attire and equipment students at Dayton high school will be undergoing drug testing next year the school announcing that every student will be randomly tested starting in January the drug testing policy being touted as part of a health and wellness campaign students will not be penalized for first bill drug test instead they will undergo counseling an effort to repeal a quarter cent sales tax increase in Hamilton County has fallen short the group against the Hamilton County sales tax increase set to start in the spring says they did not get enough petition signatures to put that tax on the ballot hello a tough you know till battle going into we thought the voters the voters deserve a chance to to make their voice heard we sell we get enough but in portions of the napa anti black he's running for Hamilton County commissioner he is also with the group we demand a vote behind the petition drive the new quarter of a percent sales tax is slated to start April first that's when the tax for the union terminal repair for the same amount ends I'm Jack Crumley newsradio seven hundred W. all the news radio seven hundred W. L. W. sports college basketball last night not you Marshall hit a three pointer that tied the game in regulation and made a pair of free throws in overtime number twenty one Xavier knocks off Missouri it's in town center sixty three fifty eight Hey Jay Riley scoring eighteen points Evansville.

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