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In celebrating about some conflicted. It's basically what i'm saying You know when you start way inflicted. But i'm saying honestly i'm seeing this video. Nama beat better than i like. You've been there before but the age of the people. They have never been a games worse. They've been twenty games worse so eighteen and seventeen but don't forget the eye of what's going on is across the east river. That's what you should want. The question is is that what you're going to get based on what's currently cooking. I mean just hope again just hope again. The owner stays out of it because the owner hired some somebody from caa. Just the road. Here in los angeles say go be the president and now things are beginning to work and that is the four seed now the difference between the four seed and the ten seed of a. I'm going to attempt to do right now. Three a difference in the winds and one in the laws. That's just two games one in a loss. That's it that's the thing about. The hawks are just fired. Their coach their wizards bradley. Beal and westbrook finally plan. And now suddenly darren a mix next accept the fact that the brooklyn nets are gonna destroy everybody except your team your team aid embiid and simmons and tobias harris and steph curry and all those young guys that are front daryl. Morey is put together. I know have a named all of them put together with doc. We'll see a little bit more. We need a little bit more. Lots coming up. Don't you think i with all right. Let's take a break here. Let's be on time for dan. Orlovsky best we can and then after this one thing about the nba. That i have not brought up. That i will bring up after dan before. Jeff van. gundy me. I think we might even have the birth of a new segment. Something i've noticed noticed something. I'm not gonna say it three different times three different flight eight. Dan orlovsky coming up..

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