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It's a Friday. And I stumbled upon your group on the ninth. and. I knew I knew he goes. Out there, I thought I mean. Let you tell. The story all right all right The whole thing that it that kind of blew up on social media. I thought it was hilarious. The the backstory is Friday afternoon finishing on number nine Muirfield village memorial tournament. And I'm I'm just kind of scraping along trying to trying to make the cut? I hit a really nice shot, and their to bouts, eight feet, or so and May Birdie on number eight to get on the cut line which I don't remember what it was, but that's relevant. I get to. Number Nine par-four pretty straight straight away tee shot, and then it's like a three three would and then a wedge or nine hundred and something like that. I like to add I. Don't like to through adoptees so i. kind of hit my three on the ground to kick up a little bit A. Little bit of grass and I give myself a good lie Sira remember this really clearly the grass so tight like hit it and I couldn't get up very high, and so for the ball and their. You know what? Hit It, so it's not sitting that good. And I call top. It. I mean it goes. It went. It went pretty far for a top. I think is a turf was nice and firm. I got a lot of spring. Off The off the e box so went like. Fifty fifty yards, so stat tracker headed seventy six. If I remember right and you. On twitter and said it. There's no way went that far now. I mean like I said it went far for a top of fifty yards. That's about as far as you could possibly top it and to be clear. We're not talking about a thin we. Top. It was a top. Yeah, hit the top of the ball, and it went straight into the ground popped up from there Called top. And so then I go up there, and the rough was rough is a pretty thick. Fifty yards off the tee box not hadn't been a whole lot of visitors to the rough there and side shop to five Aaron up there. Hit, a pitching wedge to about twelve feet, made it for par to make the cat. On the number, yeah, and so then the you know laying up, guys go with social media and so yeah, I said. I said I definitely the under on seventy six yards, and also I think to those somewhere around my. Fourth or so career top. In PGA, tour competition always with three hundred. A three I I haven't had one since then. I'm probably about do. I have. Yeah I've tie remember, and that unfortunately wasn't even the first one I've done on on on tee box topped on a number See One two three four at the Honda one year probably about eight years ago. And a few other ones be always with three would. That's that's the one for me. I'M NOT GONNA. Top IT with any other clubs but three. Would you never know I? Remember standing on that tee box and I was like I think they can. They can hear my heart beating. My heart started racing when I saw that I was just like. How is this possible I was just kind of getting into covering Gulf fulltime and I? It just blew my mind. I'm like if this guy's topping it. How do I have any chance to ever be good at this game? But then you made par. I was like okay it. That's the difference right there mean. I'm you know I'M GONNA and Crawling in a whole after top of that one, but I do that sort I'm glad we could finally get that one out there. I. Had I had my experience of the previous tops to draw. Say persevered, and just keep going you kind of undersold it, too, because you kind of blocked your punch out, and it was in the right, the first cut of the right ruffin yet a cut it around the trees to get it on the green, and then you made the par-putt So this is this is a story. I'd source from from a mutual friend of ours that I hope I'm allowed to ask about and you can share, but You had a great year and twenty fourteen and I believe you were talked about being there for the Ryder Cup. Potentially you were played a practice round at the British Open with with Tom Watson in twenty fourteen and I'm wondering what that was like and kind of what? What the conversation was like between you two on potentially being a part of that team. I guess I can tell the story long. I've told the astronauts told the story to to some friends and stuff, but never in public. Tom Asked me to play a practice round with him at the at the British open and I kind of thought that it was just sort of a you know. Get to know each other a little bit better, but by halfway through the round I could kind of tell. It was somewhat of a tryout. I guess in his mind. And Plan me in Me and Tom are playing a a two man game against Matt Kuchar. And Justin Walters who I don't know if you know just walters, not now just a long time south. African Guy, very good guy, good player. I can't really remember why he was. The the fourth in our group may have been somewhat random, but irrelevance far as story goes. So. I just flown over from from John Deere the day before I'm still a little bit. Foggy from the trip and time change, and all that kind of stuff inside just. Out there playing getting, see the golf course and I think I. I made. Two or three bogeys in the rest pars on the front nine nobody's..

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