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Best foot forward right that's what they've done they've already put forward the proverbial best foot presidents floors haven't done anything so the Democrats will get there twenty four hours over two days the president's lawyers will get there twenty four hours of for today and I suspect they're going to even disarray but the Democrats have done because this filing today the proceedings before the United States Senate trial memorandum of president Donald J. trump is a killer is a killer and I guarantee you that most of the legal analysts on cable TV certainly an MSNBC in constipated news network in virtually every one of the hosts in virtually every one of the commentators have not read it we get as I call it on freedom of the press thanks to professor Daniel borscht in the late great professor university Chicago in the later director library Congress pseudo events after several events I ended the first hour by saying there wasn't any violence in Richmond Virginia the pro second amendment pro liberty protests where Norma's number people showed up so for days we had pseudo news as the president rightly calls it fake news the governor of Virginia formally a blackface fame formally of post birth abortion has now figured out how to win approval by the Washington compost in the left will get to the washing compost yes my hard left any brings it all these law enforcement agents various county.

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