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Let's in and win five nil actually could have gotten off to a rough start plots and hit the underside of the crossbar in the ninth minute show. Now, I'm not saying they that would have changed things. It might have been five one instead of five hill route Madrid were every bit that deserving winners by that. We're not we're, but was it could have been a fun moment. If you a fan of plots applets in terms of expected goals have a good number across those two games against around Madrid. There's no points. But they've got a nice expected goals number a couple of things out of this first off, I guess, you would have to say a good start for Santa salary three matches in charge. Three wins. Eleven goals. Scored none conceded three clean Madrid or back. Andrew no one saying that. But it's a good start for a guy who's playing who who's managing under the interim tag. Yeah. It's it's what you would hope and also along the lines of men of I did see this week that Richard Patino has told Rao Madrid basically to back off. And I even saw a figure was announced of somewhere around fifteen million pounds. I think of what they were offering Patino, which would be a massive raise. And he has shown loyalty to Tottenham that has kind of astounded me because it's it's one that I'm I quite frankly, not used to seeing especially when it's real he's a clever man, though. And I think he's looking at the situation in Madrid and thinking I see this could go I won't get a chance to do what I'm doing here at Tottenham. I won't get the bandwidth. I won't get. At the freedom. I won't get the how would I put it? If Pacino is a bad runner results. It's not crisis mode at Spurs anymore because he is now a long-term manager there. That's not how it works at Real Madrid. He probably does not want this at this stage in his career. Remember, he he's a lot of money. He's young manager is a very young manager. Yeah. Also props to Korean Bensimon who scored his two hundred and two hundred and first goals for Real Madrid. Maybe one of their more kind of under appreciated players of this era. I'm sure I'm a true Ramadorai fan could could jump that comment and talk about all the times that he's come up small for them. But he has been their striker for these wave of Champions League success that they've experienced. So it hasn't been all bad with him. But then, but then JJ there's the Ramos incident. Yeah. He's just so him. It's actually it's actually a really good bit of defending from him. There was no need to garnish it with a little bit of violence for those who didn't see it as kind of in the open field. Swoops in takes the ball away. But in the process, the only way that I could say it is kinda goes out of his way to stick and elbow out and hit the pleasant. I don't remember who it one eland have ill. Okay. Hit him in the face with an elbow and blood happens. Lots of it. Yeah. Now, we often in the early days on this podcast. We had one of the great debates. Would you prefer to be punched or elbowed? I remember you and me going back and forth on this one. An elbow is is the Elvis such vicious implement by its very nature, how sharp it is. The amount of torque you can get on it. It was in terms of what can happen in a soccer field. It's his violent enact as you can do. And it was so sneaky as well. In terms of he he didn't do it off the ball. We saw David v at the weekend at Boeing Geoff Garin wits that was off the ball. This was on the ball. It was sneaky was Darty an damaged the guy and then he apologized in a tweet. So it's fine. Yeah. Yeah. Right. It's I I don't he's just he's got this like DNA that forces him to do this go out of his way to be an irritant it..

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