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Iran for drone attacks in Saudi oil facilities in tanks have been or running back rebels in Yemen but compare tweeted that there is no evidence you tax came from Yemen the drone attack at the world's largest oil processing facility and another major oil field analyst Phil Flynn with price futures group says this could have a huge impact on oil prices at this point from early reports maybe five percent of the global supply of wheels can be shut off this could have a significant impact on the price of oil we could see the price of oil spike anywhere from two to five dollars when it re opens on Sunday night. this is the US calling on all nations to condemn Iran's attacks senator Lindsey Graham also believes Tehran is behind the attacks says it's time to think about a U. S. air strike on Iran's oil feels sorties in Florida are investigating the death of a black transgender woman whose body was found in the torched car the body of the twenty three year old was found on September fourth she's the eighteenth known transgender woman of color killed in the U. S. this year says Serra McBride with the U. S. Human Rights Commission when politicians target transgender people for discrimination when they push forward policies that de humanize and stigmatize transgender people they give license to others to discriminate and in some cases attacked transgender people sure special say detectives are trying to figure out of be love Slater's gender identity might have played a role in the killing as a friend says she had received threats the night before she died against the backdrop of a new report that the justice department is pursuing criminal probes of several U. S. Olympic organizations a former gymnast has a new book about her sexual abuse at the hands of disgrace still makes team doctor Larry Nasser for Rachel den Hollander it was a tough call being one of the first to come forward to tell of her own sexual abuse by Larry Nasser how black hell battle it watch the fight institutions and organizations and even these law enforcement agencies that have been putting children in harm's way for years Hollander spoke with KNX in doubt. publicly to wrest control from these organizations and holders book is called what is a girl worth my story you're breaking the silence and exposing the truth about Larry Nasser and USA gymnastics Charles Feldman can extend seventy newsradio popular Irvine based online pawn shop directory could face major finds that the legal pot industry gets its way Ruben Hoenig head of the United Canada's business association says efforts by we'd maps to clean things up don't go far enough they need to face stiff penalties for repeatedly violating state law for a fine per violation for the maximum penalty which is thirty thousand dollars per violation against with maps for listing dispatchers and delivery services without like holding says with the recent string of deaths tied to vaping buying legal is a matter of public safety we map C. E. O. Chris Beals tells KNX this action is simply a matter of money. represents a fairly small number of monopolist retail operators in Los Angeles that wants to limit the number of of retail licenses and I think you know this is just part of their effort to protect their market share an estimated three out of every four providers listed on we'd Babs is unlicensed brain paying KLX ten seventy newsradio. it's.

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