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Dad who raised me and who loved me into being and i come from ben walden and have certain traits and characteristics that that that come from him and an all of that has got guess it took a village you know all of that has gone into making me and also making this discovery i mean people will sometimes now say to me you know do you wish you hadn't known i can't wish that i hadn't known because it explains so much i mean my sense of otherness as a child that we were talking about i i understand it now it makes sense to me and so that is an enormously liberating thing to have all of the pieces of the puzzle we have about a minute here are so been in half left ago there were a lot of callers and i'm sorry callers that i didn't get to but this is something that's happening to a lot of people out there i i have a friend who recently went through this whose mother discovered that she had a sister she never knew about how would you what advice would you give to people who may be on the precipice of making enormous discovers about themselves and their families i think partly to know that you're not alone there are so many i mean last year twelve million people but these kits and two percent of them to make this discovery of you know the non-parental discovery or some version version of that so there hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who are contending with this because i think in the moment of discovery it's a feeling of being very much alone of being sort of alien and other and somehow freakish that that you know that that that one was so wrong about something as a central as family and and there really is a world of people out there who are making these kinds of discoveries will danny shapiro author of many books including her latest which is called inheritance a memoir of genealogy paternity and love we have an excerpt of it at on point radio dot org janney it has been a great pleasure to speak with you thank you so much thank you magnetic so enjoyed it on point is produced by annabelle men brian hartson ski eileen amata stefan could sodas alison poli james ross and alex schroeder with help from matt heus seal kibi david marino and alex payne our executive producer is karen shiffman i'm magnitude bardy this is on point.

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