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We're here toll ten o'clock. We're open for business and your phone calls at three one two three three two three seven seven six or you can tweet at us. We've been talking about Zayn Williamson Zion. The most famous college athletes sense spilling the blank, you can tweet us at may Abdullah. Chris also take those phone calls three one two three three two three seven seven six. We'll get back design Williamson. We'll talk a little White Sox later this hour. We'll hear from Rick Hawn. Don cooper. But Adam we will start this hour with the Chicago Cubs. Yeah. And a great article put out on the ethnic by Suharto Sharma and Patrick Mooney about changes coming to the cubs. A deep venture into what went on this off season with the front office with you. I've seen with jed Hoyer and how they went around and talked to players, and it was a traveling show. If you will they went to each players house or wherever they were. And they said they met with them and had extra exit interviews like what what do you want change? What changes? Do you want me? What went wrong just more communication to figure out what happened and how they can recapture what they did in two thousand sixteen when they won the World Series because by all accounts, everybody thinks this is one of the best teams in baseball. I mean, look at the names look at the names on the back of the jersey is look at the roster. Look at the the the the pitching staff by all accounts. This should be one of the best teams in baseball. They won the World Series. They went on a great run in two thousand sixteen. They've made the playoffs every single year that that in the last five years they've been five years in a row. What is it? How many fifteen? Sixteen twenty seven. Okay. So. They've won a ton of games in that process. It's not for a lack of of talent or whatever they just want to figure out. How can they tap back into the magic if you will or the urgency or the attitude or whatever it was that they had success in twenty sixteen with so. And that's involves a lot of changes. The baseball season starts on Thursday. The cubs will be in Texas. They'll face the Rangers three or five star. John Lester on the mound for the cubs opener on Thursday. The White Sox. Carlos Rodin will be on the mound. Facing the Kansas City. Royals w three fifteen games or two day games for the teams here in Chicago on Thursday. We'll talk with hot of Sharma from the athletic in about five minutes right here on ESPN one thousand I'm Chris Blackwell with Adam dollar. Okay. So the column is this. Attention will be paid inside the club the cubs detailed late in plan to get their edge back to give their edge. Back of dollar. So. Patrick mooney. Sharma this long column here on the F letting it details the five steps that players and management are taking this year. New rules for this team for the clubhouse the first rule holding mandatory batting practice four or five times a week. That's number one. Number two, releasing the lineups on a series this series spaces now some of this. We already know before this article came out because we we've heard earlier in spring training that this was an idea that Joe man was going to release the lineups earlier this year. So that's number two number three circling ten or so trap games in challenging the group to win all of them. So that seems to go against the philosophy as a hotter than Patrick Mooney, right Madden's, Meatloaf, mentality of two out of three ain't bad clearly be somewhat. Theo Epstein set the end of last season. You cannot just assume after game two of three that you're okay. You need to get that third win. Because that may not be enough when you get to the end of the season in the brewers beat you for the division. Yeah. You don't want that sleepy? Sunday lineup that hung over Sunday afternoon lineup that we we sometimes get from Joe Madden. Number four spending more time in the dugout during games and being ready when the national anthem is sung. So this number four was interesting to me. That's weird. I was unaware that players on the Chicago Cubs were not ready for the start of games. I found I heard that one. And I was like that's interesting. I was unaware of this that the players are going to make it a rule this year to quote, spend more time in the dugout during games and then be ready for the national anthem when it song. What are they doing? Are. They playing fortnight in the in the dugout. I think it's weird that players aren't ready. I don't care what you do before the game. I don't care what you do after the anthem. But it seems like this. I'm not this isn't political or anything. I'm just saying it seems like that. That's a time when everybody is there. They're they're all standing on the line. Well, it's everybody jumps everybody is there for two to honor. Would I to honor America when I see what you're saying? You're not doing like a kneeling stance commentary. It's a moment in time before the game where you know, like, I should be ready by this. It's more for the fans that are like every club is out on this line. I say don't do that for every game. No. I know we do that for the opening, but they serve. No there. I mean, I'm not saying introduce each player. I'm stay go out there, and they stand. Everybody stands in the dugout still stand out there the fifth rule. That's being implemented is limiting the amount of alcohol and fast food consumed in the clubhouse and on charter flights. Sounds eerily familiar Theo's last year. And what was that chicken and beer and beer? So okay. So five new rules that are going to be implemented for the Chicago Cubs this season, and it's fascinating to be because a lot of this. And I think three of them directly go against the teachings and the philosophies of the manager Joe Madden. And it seems like the the lifestyle and the the organizational philosophy that he brought to the team is part of the reason why they've been so successful in the. Recent history of cubs baseball is because of Joe men and the way he allows teams to get through his season. I get a two or three in bat right deal wants three of three. Everyone wants three of three c don't miss the playoffs by one or you don't let the brewers win the division by one. But a part of that philosophy gets you to August or the cubs played well in August. And I know last year things didn't work out with the bats at the end of the season. But previously every other time Joe men his teams perform at the end of seasons better than almost anybody. He kind of knows what he's doing. Well, I I agree with you. But I think that this is more a we need to be held accountable and sodas and type of thing. This seems to me like they really like with Joe Madden bricks, right? We've always talked about how Joe Madden teams are always the most rested are always really perform really well out of the all star break. He does that American Legion week where they have no batting practice all week. Worked except last year. Right. But then you also heard all these things about how guys are tired and guys are just drained and forty one out of forty two games in forty one games in forty two days, or whatever I get it. You play a lot of baseball. It's fine. Okay. But ultimately, if you're grinding for one hundred sixty two two games that American Legion week is great. Those days are great starting after the all star break with maybe an extra couple of days off here. And there when you when you work so hard, and then you get to rest so hard like it makes those days that much better. And that's why at work. It just seems like those days were kind of meshing together. Well, it's you. Like the players wanna work, but they also want to rest so we want to grind and we want to go at it. We want to be tough three out of three three out of three. So then when we get rest days, they matter it also seems to me everything that I've read from the offseason THEO speaking, so many different times about this. It seems to me that there were a lot of young players that got good too early. And they didn't know how to handle the fame or the success level that we see in in in pop culture. Right. Like, we see people. We were just talking last hour of young players hitting their peak too early flaming out. Johnny Manziel not being able to handle the spotlight were Zion. Williamson seems to be handling it perfectly. I'm Chris black with Abdallah here sitting in for Jonathan hood tonight on under the hood on ESPN one thousand and ESPN app. So we're talking about the Chicago Cubs is excellent piece on the dick so hot Sharma and Patrick Mooney wrote it so how'd Sharma's on the phone now from the athletic. He joins Chris Buckingham here on ESPN one thousand what's up so of hey, what's going on forever? Yeah. So after reading this and taking into account everything that I've heard from THEO this off season and what we're seeing these new rules in a tighter ballclub heading into the season. They're going to they're going to give more effort from the start is all of this a critique on Joe Madden. Or critique on the players. You know, I think it's just a maybe it's a combo of all of it. You know, I I would say that a bunch of rules. I think that was something that the players wanted to be clear. This is pushed by the players. You know that this is something that the players the front office that during the off season numerous times separate like there's an exit interviews that going forward. It was the one on one meetings, and and they they came to these conclusions. These were the ideas that the players had nodded their they don't look at it as rules. They look at it as structure and a, and I think were just touching on younger guys. I think a lot of it has to do with younger guys bends over made. Again, this game is getting so young. And don't have the time that they used to in the binders to really develop these routines developed their day to day habits and how they how they go about getting prepared. And I think that's a big part of it. You can't do things without a structure, and you know, we I think Joe deserves a lot of credit for the way he runs his clubhouse. But the game is changing to the point where these guys except so quickly and these young guys never really developed that day to day routine. And now, they're kind of all over the place. They don't know, you know, they they don't know that they need batting practice. Some of them have a veteran. They can they understand it. They know what they need to do to get prepared every day because they've done it for years, maybe not as much. So I think it's a it's a it's a combo of of Joe and the players and finding out what's best for this makes this group mixed the players in and they consider that you. You can maximize his talent the window and not look back and say, oh, you know, what we were too lax with certain things or things get out of control. And you know, what losing early from people have pointed out to me, you know, if they win ninety seven game win their division. If they go to their yes. Then we're not talking about this. Of course, we're not talking about that. But they did lose that did happen. And it exposes some of your failures things that have been lingering for years now since they won the World Series issues that some people on the front office and around the team have felt for there. But it's harder to institute these types of things and make changes like this when you're accomplishing your goals when you're going in the playoffs. And when you don't have a reason to say, no, you need to make some changes one of the themes throughout the piece when you guys were mentioning the conversations they had with guys like John Lester guys like Jason Heyward, guys. Like, Anthony Rizzo is a need for a more vocal leadership role. From those veteran guys in the clubhouse is that something that was missing last year that they need this year. Or is that something that they didn't feel like they could do last year? Yeah. I was missing in the sense that they just haven't had that guy. David Ross left in. Yeah. You don't want to over value those things to certain times, but leadership comes in so many different forms. One of those forms is calling out when something isn't going right or being done, right?.

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