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The threes here's the fourday wbz accu weather forecast with meteorologist danielle niles kicking off meteorological summer today with highs climbing well into the seventy seventy five to eighty for many of us right around seventy on cape cod with varying amounts of clouds and sun skipping i offer him a shower or thunder storm nothing severe like yesterday but a brief downpour in some lightning may company any storms that do develop mostly clear low fifty three tonight downtown mid 40s and the chilean suburbs tomorrow partly cloudy and isolate the shower high around seventy saturday son and building clouds pleasant on seventy mid 60s at the coast sunday increasing clouds chance late day showers highs in the upper 60s i'm wbz tv meteorologist danielle miles wbz news radio ten thirty sunny seventy seven degrees in the wbz news time 135 the drought is over and massachusetts and wbz these jeff brown tells us there's one more benefit to all the rain that we've had the gypsy moth investigation is about to become history heather full bird is a researcher review our eyes she says rain is a caterpillar killer caterpillar's have to be wet when the board of this fungus land on a caterpillar and and the poor german eighth and she killed the caterpillar over about a week period of time mother nature moves fast but she's playing catchup for recent years of lack of rain and a catapulted her dry because the repairing too much drought than the funded can't work heather says these past will die before laying eggs this year and next year they won't really be much of a problem jeff brown wbz newsradio 1030 more news to combine its grip this election stephen colbert wants to keep you win four straight of donald trump which is now officials jobs cooked it if only there was some way we could get a glimpse into the private side of hillary clinton i know revert emails itself up on the candidates donald trump refuses to be politically correct and justin he say he refuses to be before you cast a single vote drew stephen colbert cbs weeknights and on demand this is the situation serbia use your unexpected time wisely play china's all those problems that have been stressing you out saturday areas disagreements aren't always bad but differing opinion may get you.

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