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This is joanie to davis and i'm here to talk to you about my recent trip or why it was a junket for the drastic world fallen kingdom movie i sit there by the you know bg and of course in universal pictures to interview the celebrities in the film some of the the crew and to really just see where they were the movie place they wanted to kind of immerse in everything which is okay with me because i never know why before i've been a fan of the drastic hark movies drastic world movies since nineteen ninety three when the first one came out and i've been jeff goldblum fans for it listens like i was young starting with fly you know he's a geeky guy with dark hair and glasses away is looking kid with glasses of course the first time i see somebody's semi a little bit cool on screen you see where i'm going here okay so you wing later we'll circle ray back to the jeffco move thing later so junkets are for those of you know they're just away just kinda marketing thing for these movies because you have to get the word out somehow right so what better way to get the word out to get all of the journalists from some of the major outlets out there and you know a lot of the smaller ones get them together in one spot treat them well let them interview some of the main characters give them a shot at the director the writer maybe some producers or something and you know give them some information about the movie and then send them home to talk about it in right about it and podcast so this is my first time going hawaii the nine hour trip kinda was not terrible but i don't know if you've ever been if you've never been to a while who the airport there looks like something out of seventies television show i expected you know magnum pi come waltzing through any second i mean there was there's wood paneling everywhere in every lot of open airspace but nothing is modern in upscale is some of the other reports that have been in saying a lot i mean there's a lot of flowers things like that but it was just kind of jarring how i don't think it was dated airport maybe maybe that was the style they're going for but it really got me in in kind of the mood for being in this tropical place because if you remember some of the magnum pi shows they were set in the drop goal in hawaii i think it was so related there i get out go to get to the cab and if i'm just looking at on the way to the hotel some of the most beautiful structures plants that i've ever seen we will what we're driving on the side of a mountain on one on one side you know the mountains on one side and the ocean is on the other and you know we we've inward in into the island which is great but i come from indiana we're pretty landlocked except for lake michigan but lake michigan has nothing on the pacific ocean like nothing so it was pretty amazing i mean just the air everything wasn't hot even though it was why in june lots of heat but there was a lot so we get to the hotel in it of course it's an amazing hotel i'm greeted with by receptionist who has a cool mint towel in a fresh foul flower lay so check in and i walk around a little bit there are whole walls missing from this hotel exposed to the elements letting the area in the sunshine in it was an amazing place go to my room fuyu of the mountainside it was mazing is amazing it really was stood there probably for about fifteen twenty minutes staring at the mount side because it was just the greatest few so when it here to pause for message from our sponsors we'll be right back.

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